LETTER: Gossip can hurt

To the editor:
Imagine a student getting embarrassed or hurt because of a fake rumor about how he barfed in music class. Too much gossip and rumor are hurting students at middle schools because gossip can bully someone and he can get so bad they’re too scared to show they’re face. Also almost half of these rumors going around are a lie or get changed as it goes around and once someone says something you can’t take it back or delete it. There’s too much gossip hurting people in middle schools.

Students who gossip can bully a student and can get so bad that the person is too scared to show their face. Maybe you are just joking with a friend saying “did you hear that Maya likes Jake?” Your friend that you told this to might not think it’s a joke and spread this around. Think about if “Jason” or “Maya” hears that they may be mad or embarrassed because this is not true. Also, this stuff can get online and this could turn into cyber bullying. Even if this was a joke, this shows that students can be hurt by a rumor or gossip getting spread around. Gossip can and will take a wrong turn on someone.

Once gossip gets spread out, the person whom said that can’t take it back or delete it. For example, if you start a rumor that “Daphne” is pregnant, and she is maybe big in her stomach, but you know this isn’t true why would you start that rumor? When you put it out there your hurting someone’s life and it’s really hard to make it better. Telling a friend it’s not true is probably too late. This matters because you’re really hurting someone. Once something goes out you can’t get it back.

Almost half of the rumors going around are fake or are getting changed as they get passed on. Don’t believe what you hear. I asked Logan about his experience with gossip and he said, “One time I heard a rumor about Mike setting the fire and that’s why we were outside, because of the fire inside the school. A few minutes later I heard the same thing but a totally different ending. This shows that rumors are being changes as they go around and can be lies. Even if it sounds like its true, you don’t need to believe it.

Gossip can hurt someone or take a wrong turn on someone’s life and can ruin it. It can bully you. You can believe the wrong thing or can hurt someone’s life. Imagine getting suspended from school because you had a fake rumor made about you punching someone in the face. Gossip can hurt someone.

Cameron Smith
Madison Middle School

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