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Bill and Jeanie Myhrwell with our Publisher Jerry Robinson (who just happens to be 93) outside Young's Restaurant in White Center.

Jerry's View: I don't make up these stories!

Now that I am semi-retired, my days are often punctuated by the simple and pleasurable activity of going out for lunch. I usually go with two of my sons, Tim and Ken, who manage the paper these days. Last week, we went to one of our favorite spots in White Center, Young's Cafe.

Young's is on 16th S.W. just north of Roxbury Street. It has been there since 1982. As a testament to the quality of its food, we saw a cop in there eating lunch one day last week. It's that good.

We are always greeted by name by the effervescent Janice Young , daughter of the owners. She has a great personality and a big smile for everyone who comes through the door. Young's has a lot of regulars.

While I am no longer on the merry-go-round of daily business life, it is still nice to get out in the community. One of the great things that happens is I often get to meet new people and sometimes I even meet a subscriber!

Something like that happened last week. We had finished our lunch and son Tim was at the counter paying the bill when a man named Bill overheard Janice mentioning my name. Bill asked Tim if he was me.

Tim said "Do I look like a 93-year-old man?" Then Tim pointed at me. 

Bill asked if it was the guy sitting in the back booth. Tim said yes.

Bill came over to where I was just about to get up from the booth and the remains of a chicken Caesar salad. 

"Are you Jerry Robinson?" Bill asked.

I was suspicious at first. He might have been an FBI agent and I plumbed my memory for things I might have done that could get me in trouble. Nothing came to mind immediately. So I say "yes".

Bill said "I'm Bill Myhrwell." Bill is a slender man of indeterminate age, but maybe about 75.

I said "Bill Mearwlll?" It sounded like I had marbles in my mouth. That's because I wear hearing aids. Hey! I'm 93!

He spelled his name. 

"You are a legend!" Bill declared.

Outside, I met Mrs. Myhrwell. She is a lovely woman who has been married to Bill for 52 years and said she fell in love with him on their first date. What a great couple!

Then Bill's wife, Jeanie, said,"  We  love the West  Seattle  Herald.  We have been reading it for years.We love your  column and look forward  to it  every  week. It is  so much fun finally meeting you. How do think up  all those stories that  make us laugh?"

Those  kind words made my day.

The cafe is right across from the former Volkswagen dealership where I once angered the owner, Max Borgeson and I was in my office when I spotted him coming  to my office with a pistol on his hip.

I hid behind a door as I was unarmed and my editor had to handle the angry car dealer.
He did well by saying, "Mr. Robinson is not in the office right now. Can you shoot him later?"

I was so happy to meet them I asked I could have my picture taken with them.

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