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Bedtime Stories short film seeking support from West Seattle


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A local film maker Gavin Keefe is hoping to get support for a film with a budget that in normal film making circles would be considered just enough to cover coffee and transportation. "Bedtime Stories, A Horror Short" is, as he describes the project, a "true to the genre horror short" that "focuses more on the plot and character development rather than cheap scares and cheesy sfx."

Keefe and crew have put in their own money of course but they are short about $3500. That should tell you first that it's a short film, but that it's also obviously a labor of love. Filmmakers have to start somewhere. So they've launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money to get it done.

The story centers around a woman named Mia as she adjusts to her mother's remarriage and an evil presence that's brought into the house. "This is more than just a haunting movie," said Keefe, "its about the relationship struggles of a new family, with an evil entity that won't stop until it gets what it wants."

Keefe and his sister Dallas are West Seattle natives and wanted to reach out to a local audience for support.

They have until July 18 at noon to achieve their financial goal. Keefe explained, "If we don't hit our goal we don't get anything, pledger's cards won't get charged, and the movie will never get made. The budget goes to food, transportation, props, wardrobe, a score, and make up artist. If we raise more than our goal that just means we can make the movie even better, and give something back to our cast and crew who are spending so much time on this. I'm putting everything I have into this and we're coming up a little short.

They plan to shoot the film in mid August over a four day shoot with long hours. "We have an amazing location set up, a 1903 craftsman house, that just has a creepy eerie feel to it," said Keefe.

Out of four characters, two are already cast. "Andrea will be played by Suzanne Goden, Nick Harris will play "The Evil Entity" and we've narrowed the characters of Steve and Mia down to two each," explained Keefe.

One of the actresses auditioning for Mia would be flying in from Saskatchewan, Canada, Keefe said.

"Support for helping out with this project is overflowing," Keefe offered, "and the artist doing the score is from Portland, our make up artist is from Mount Vernon and tons of local talent is coming in from Olympia, Tacoma and Seattle."

If you want to support local filmmaking, check out their Kickstarter video and pledge a few dollars.

Here's the link to the Kickstarter page:

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