Kimberly Robinson
Theresa Amos and Missy have spent a lot of time together the past 8 years. Missy is very sensitive and knows when Theresa's husband is not feeling well, and will go sit with him.

Pet of the Week: Missy is a helpful part of the family

Theresa Amos got her dog Missy, a Jack Russell Terrier 8 years ago from the Kent Animal Shelter. Missy at the time was already 6 years old.

At the age of fourteen, Missy is slowing down a little but is still a very cute. "She's good at stealing my pillow," Theresa said. "I'll be laying on the pillow and my husband, Richard is there and she will get in between us and lay her head on the pillow."

Missy is the jealous type Theresa said. There's another dog in the house, a "Chiuweenie" named Sissy and Missy likes her "Me" time with Theresa. When the grand kids come over she jumps in her lap before the kids do. "Or if the little pup tries to get up there she will first she will be like, 'Mine!' She's my baby and she knows it."

Missy eats dry kibble dog food and enjoys Beggin Strips for snacks.

She sleeps in her own kennel, bedding down at 8pm every night. Missy is very quiet normally, withholding her bark unless there is another dog around.

Theresa takes her to a free vet downtown to keep her health up.

Surprisingly, Missy only got out one time. "She left and I went all over the place looking for her and a guy picked her up and he brought her back to me. I thank the lord that I found her."

Theresa is the mother of one girl and three boys, now grown so, "The dogs are my girls now."

Missy only has two outfits, a red white and blue 4th of July outfit and a Halloween pumpkin costume.

Theresa sums up Missy this way, through tears, "I love her and she helps me because I had just lost my mom in December. When we get upset or my husband has a heart attack she will will let me know when he's sick. If she's not next to me I know something's wrong."

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