Police Blotter Week of 6-24-13

A not-so-friendly game of hoops
Police were called to some basketball courts on the 9100 block of California Ave. S.W. after a good-natured game of hoops turned into fisticuffs on June 17. The victim told responding officers he was playing basketball with a group, as he does about three times a week. This particular week he said he was playing against the suspect, and that they were both “talking trash” throughout the game. At one point, the victim said he fouled the suspect and the suspect threw the ball at him. More trash talking ensued, followed by some pushing and, ultimately, a fist formed and the victim was punched under the right eye. The two were separated and the game was finished, but the victim said as he sat on the gym bench the suspect came back, talked a bit more trash, and punched him twice more, this time under the left eye. The suspect left and the victim, who suffered facial swelling and lacerations and complained of troubled eyesight and a headache, told gym staff what happened. Police went to the suspect’s apartment but were unable to locate him.

Building and a beating
On the afternoon of June 18 a construction crew was working on the top floor of a new home on the 2300 block of 48th Ave. S.W. when one of the men asked a coworker to go buy him a pack of cigarettes. The askee told the asker he didn’t have any money or a credit card, so the request was a no go. Apparently very disappointed with the outcome, the suspect then allegedly punched and beat the victim repeatedly while all the other construction workers just looked on, not intervening. The victim, with contusions, welling and scratches over much of his face and injured ribs, told his assailant he was calling the cops. The suspect told him to go for it. Sure enough, the victim called police and they arrested the suspect for investigation of assault.

Minding their own business
Two people were sitting in their car at the Walgreens parking lot on the 6300 block of 35th Ave. S.W. around 1:30 a.m. on June 12 when they had an unexpected visitor in the form of a robber who opened the back door, sat in the back seat and demanded the victims’ money and phones. Seeing the suspect had one hand in his pocket and fearing he was packing a gun, the victims handed over their goods, including a few bucks and two iPhones. The suspect jumped out and into a nearby black Mercedes before speeding off. The victims told police they think the suspect lives in the apartment across the street from theirs. Police continue to investigate.

Puppy power
On June 17th a woman called police to report someone had tried to break into several windows in her backyard on the 2700 block of S.W. Elmgrove St. The burglars had apparently given up as no window was breached and nothing was missing inside. The victim said she gives full credit to the neighbor’s new puppy, who has free reign in her backyard and likes to bark very loudly at strangers.

Robberies by block: 4700 California Ave. S.W.

Burglaries by block: 3300 30th Ave. S.W., 8100 Delridge Way S.W., 2700 S.W. Elmgrove St., 8800 15th Ave. S.W., 3900 S.W. Hanford St., 9700 33rd Ave. S.W., 7900 39th Ave. S.W., 9400 21st Ave. S.W., 3000 Walnut Ave. S.W., 6300 24th Ave. S.W., 3000 60th Ave. S.W.

Car prowls by block: 2600 S.W. Barton St., 8400 32nd Ave. S.W., 7700 27th Ave. S.W., 2400 S.W. Webster St.

Vehicle thefts by block: 8100 10th Ave. S.W., 4400 44th Ave. S.W., 7100 California Ave. S.W., 4500 42nd Ave. S.W., 8800 12th Ave. S.W., 9400 25th Ave. S.W., 4200 S.W. Hills St., 9400 14th Ave. S.W., 3000 S.W. 110th St., 2800 S.W. Thistle St., 8000 Fauntleroy Way S.W., 3200 Alki Ave S.W., 3600 Beach Dr. S.W.

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