Kimberly Robinson
Lil Poundcake is a miniature Sharpay, only 12 weeks old. She's been living for three weeks in the home of Amy Goodman and Dani Steurmann and she's already the star of the house.

Pet of the Week: Lil Poundcake is a beauty with her own Facebook page

Amy Goodman and Dani Steuermann got their brand new family member, named Lil Poundcake from Virginia now about three weeks ago. Lil (as we'll refer to her) is a Miniature Sharpe with a brushcoat. She's just twelve weeks old.

They found her online and, "American Airlines has a climate controlled pet area and we picked her up at the airport," said Amy.

Lil is a very calm puppy, content to be cuddled and petted and she has a unique beauty characteristic. " Everyone thinks her nails are painted," Amy explained, "because they're white. Even the vet yesterday asked if we had painted her nails. It's very unusual and even the vet had never seen it before."

She eat a custom food blend of grains, wheat, proteins, fruit and vegetables from Natural Pet Pantry in Burien.

Amy talked about the breed saying, "They are Chinese fighting dogs. Back in the 800's and 900's royalty had miniature Sharpe's that guarded them at the palace." Though they have an aggressive back story, today they are gentle housepets and no trouble.

"A good breeder will breed that out of them," said Dani. "They're sweet and gentle dogs if they are socialized properly," said Amy.

She got the name from the way she looks. Sharpe's have a lot of loose skin and "Look at her fur," exclaimed Dani," she looks like a little poundcake!"

She shares the house with another dog named Minnie Blue, who is also a Sharpe. The two love each other and play a lot. "We wanted her to have a sister so they could play together. We thought she should have a companion because Minnie Blue is very social."

But aside from her obvious beauty Lil also has her own Facebook page.
Among the items listed there are her job as an Actress/Model/Professional Blogger, her education at Hogwarts and the Seattle Dogworks Training & Education Studio and so far she has 21 friends. Not bad for only being here three weeks.

"You have to be at least 10 weeks old to have a Facebook page in our family," said Goodman with a laugh.

She apparently checks her page frequently, in between naps during which she snore and "oinks" according to both Amy and Dani.

Lil has lots of toys already and plays with all of them according to both spouses.

Amy summed Lil up as, "She's just a part of our family and she just brings joy to me every day. I can't wait to get home from work and see her. She makes me smile and laugh and curse and everything. It's perfect."

Dani said, "I love her because she's just so beautiful. That face is amazing. She's just my little celebrity. I have on her Facebook page that she's an Actress/Model because she's just so beautiful."

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