Police Blotter Week of 7-15-13

Intentional hit-and-run of a bicyclist
On the morning of July 8 a bicyclist was traveling northbound on 26th Ave. S.W. when a dark sedan came blistering up behind him at an estimated 45 miles per hour. The cyclist said he pointed to a “20 m.p.h.” sign at which point the sedan driver slowed down and started tailgating the bike within a few inches while laying on the horn. Fearing he would be hit, the cyclist sped up but the suspect kept close. The victim turned off 26th onto S.W. Andover St. and the suspect followed, pulling up alongside and then suddenly swerving into the cyclist, knocking him down. The suspect took off, but several witnesses watched the ordeal unfold and were able to cobble together the license plate number. The vehicle was registered to male living on S.W. Holden St.. At the time of this report, police had visited the home but were unable to make contact with their suspect.

Robbed just after the 4th
As the fireworks waned and the 4th of July closed out, a woman was walking along the 2400 block of Alki Ave. S.W. in the early morning hours of July 5 (after 2 a.m.) when she was approached by a young woman and man. The female started peppering her eventual victim with questions, asking “Where do you live?” and “What’s your name?” Sensing trouble, the victim told her interrogator she lived in the nearest house she could find, pointing it out. The female suspect responded with, “OK, well you should drop all of your (expletive) or I’m going to mash the (expletive) out of you.” The male suspect then raised his shirt to reveal what looked to the victim like the handle of a black handgun. She dropped her purse and iPhone, the female suspect gathered her items, and the crooks fled toward Whale Tail Park. The victim, who was not physically injured, told police the female robber was “shorter than me, heavy set, (and) ugly …”

Whiskey thieves abound
A young man thought he was being pretty sneaky when he walked into a grocery store near the Alaska Junction earlier this month with a reusable blue shopping bag and a cart. He walked to the liquor aisle and put a few bottles in the cart … and then a few in the bag. The manager of the liquor/wine area watched the entire thing and started following the theft suspect. While in the checkout line, the manager approached the suspect and asked for his Jamieson Irish and Maker’s Mark whiskeys back. The suspect became argumentative and suddenly shoved the cart into the manager, creating enough room so he could escape. After the responding officer took statements from the victims and watched surveillance tape of the suspect, he saw young man driving a green van out of the parking lot who looked very similar. The report said the officer was unable to stop the vehicle, but he did get a license plate number that was registered to a home in West Seattle.

In other whiskey related news, a man wearing a long black coat walked into a grocery store on the 2500 block of S.W. Barton St. on July 2 and crammed the coat with three bottles of Maker’s Mark and two bottle of Jack Daniels. A store employee watched him do so, and when he approached the suspect yelled, “I got money (expletive)!” As he clinged-and-clanged his way towards the exit, the suspect shoved an employee in the back and made his getaway. Police responded but were unable to track down the suspect.

Crimes reported from July 8 through July 14

Robberies by block: 2500 S.W. Barton St.

Burglaries by block: 3600 44th Ave. S.W., 7900 31st Ave. S.W., 1300 California Ave. S.W., 4800 California Ave. S.W., 5400 44th Ave. S.W., 8100 6th Ave. S.W., 9000 21st Ave. S.W., 7700 15th Ave. S.W., 5000 California Ave. S.W., 1700 S.W. Trenton St., 3700 S.W. Charlestown St., 1900 S.W. Webster St.

Car prowls by block: 5600 42nd Ave. S.W., 2600 42nd Ave. S.W., 9000 29th Ave. S.W., 9200 16th Ave. S.W., 6000 44th Ave. S.W.

Vehicle thefts by block: Corner of S.W. Barton St./California Ave. S.W., 7000 Highland Park Way S.W., 7500 16th Ave. S.W., corner of S.W. Findlay St./49th Ave. S.W., 4100 20th Ave. S.W., 6300 18th Ave. S.W., 8100 10th Ave. S.W., 9200 11th Ave. S.W.

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