Kimberly Robinson
Taylor Hamil, a licensed midwife at InTandem Midwifery named her dog Talulah after a fellow student's unborn baby. Hamil said that her dog is full of love, likes recycling as a playthings, and is afraid of upside down bowls.

Pet of the Week: Talulah is a timid sweetheart

Taylor Hamil, a licensed Midwife in West Seattle at InTandem Midwifery and she named her dog Talulah, a Great Dane, through a personal connection. "One of my classmates in midwifery school was pregnant and we didn't know if she was having a boy or a girl and she really liked to sit in hot tubs. We called her in utero baby Talulah pinatasaurus because she was super, super tiny. Talulah means "drop of water."

She got Talulah from a person in Vancouver, Washington that, "accidentally ended up with 20 Great Dane puppies. They had two females that went into heat at the same time. She was the runt of the litter. She was all the wrong colors so nobody wanted her."

Talulah is 17 months old and she weighs 120 pounds growing from her start of about 20 pounds when Taylor got her at 10 weeks.

She makes a salmon and rice blend for Talulah mixed with Trader Joes food and enjoys elk antlers to chew on.
But her most unusual snack item is Kale. "That's her favorite. Just raw straight up Kale."

Her "little brother" named Wilder, is a Shepherd/Collie/Husky mix that lives in Hamil's home.

Talulah had a health issue when at 16 weeks of age she,"swallowed corn cob whole and we had to have it cut out of her stomach. That was really traumatic. At 11 o'clock on a Friday night it was one of those things. But she's been great ever since."

Despite her size and weight, Taylor said Talulah is, "terrified of plastic bags and upside down bowls." These are, "very alarming. She backs away and will bark at them. She quite the scaredy-cat."

Talulah sleeps, "all the time," Taylor said. "She will play hard for 15 to 20 minutes and then she's done.

Kids love her and she's very gentle with them. "She actually had one of our client's babies who is 10 months old like climbing around on her while she was napping. Anytime a baby will cry or get upset she will come and get the adult and act like, 'You're taking care of this right?'"

She isn't a toy lover per se, though she will gnaw on rubber items from time to time but "She loves recycling. Berry packages or old yogurt tubs."

Taylor summed Talulah up as," She's just my big baby. I love her so much. Being a midwife I take care of so many people all the time and I come home and she's so excited to see me and has so much love. She doesn't require a lot. She just gives love."

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