Kimberly Robinson
Katie Long and her dog Handsome Bob love to walk through Lincoln Park. She will occasionally let him off the leash for about 30 seconds during which time he runs like crazy in wide circles and then lays down, legs out, completely exhausted. He's a mix of a pug and a poodle and he came from Beverly Hills.

Pet of the Week: Handsome Bob is from Beverly Hills

Katie Long and her husband John Plaza found their dog Handsome Bob online as rescue dog (as often happens these days) but in an unusual place. He's from Beverly Hills, California. "We found him on Pet Finder and made a special trip to go and pick him up," Katie explained, " and he actually picked us. There was a litter of four pups and we went just wanting to find the dog that was right for us. We met all of them and they were all excited but then he just came and sat down in front of us right at our feet and we were like, 'He's the one.'"

Now they even plan their vacations around the little guy.

"He's a mutt, but he's a Pug and a Poodle," Katie said. Handsome Bob is 3 1/2 years old now, and they got him when he was just 8 weeks old.

They feed him a dehyrdrated dog food called Honest Kitchenthat they get from Mud Bay in the Admiral District.

"One thing that makes Handsome Bob an especially lucky dog is that he gets to go to work every day with my husband," Katie said. "He's the office dog who if we go on vacation or he's not there for a few days, as soon as he gets back he runs around the office to give everyone a hello, checking in with everybody to make sure they are happy and happy to see him. He gets to wander the office and have lots of friends."

Handsome Bob is prone to spurts of energy, running madly in a circle at the park for 20 to 30 seconds at absolutely top speed. Then he's ready to totally relax. When he was a puppy they took him to a park and, "gave him this opportunity to run around and he was younger and he ran straight for a picnic and grabbed a steak right off the plate and went running. He just ran with it and dropped because he knew he was not allowed to have human food. We did have to chase him that time to get him back but that was the only time we've had to do that."

Out of an entire basket of toys his favorite is a "Fishy toy that when you squeeze it makes bubble noises. He like real life noises. We have a little chick that goes 'chirp, chirp chirp' that is one of his favorites too."

Handsome Bob's best friend is a dog called James a Basingi. They don't run much but instead, "mostly they just lounge together," Katie said laughing. "We leave them together like if we go out with James' parents they are real happy together."

Lincoln Park is a favorite place to walk.

Katie summed Handsome Bob up as, "His purpose is to bring us complete happiness. He makes us so happy. I would say that's why he's here for us. We hope we bring him as much happiness as he brings us."

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