Westwood - Roxhill - Arbor Heights Community Council meeting notes

Traffic, transit, Safe Routes to School and Roxhill Days covered in meeting

Joe Szilagyi offered a post from the Oct. 1 Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Council meeting held Oct. 1.

October 1, 2013 WWRHAH meeting notes

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Here are the notes from our October 1, 2013 WWRHAH meeting at the SW Branch of the library on 35th SW.

Community news:

Amanda Kay Helmick & Mat McBride went to the City of Seattle City Neighborhood Council meeting last night, about the mayor’s budget for a presentation about it from the city budget office. There is an extra $500,000 added to the current Neighborhood Matching Fund. Combined with leftovers from last year’s cycle, it will be $2,400,000 in this pot–the biggest in years. Up to 23 fully funded projects city-wide can be covered. As long as valid applications come in, every single district of the thirteen in Seattle will get at least one major project this time.

If anyone will want to be on the district level or CNC city-wide review process for the projects please keep this in mind. This will be coming up in the next few months. More news will be posted when it comes nearer.
Transit meeting — on October 14th, at the King County courthouse at 6pm. Two of our State senators will be hear to listen to what the public needs in the upcoming (hopeful) transit funding bill.

West Seattle Transit Coalition — grown at first out of WWRHAH, the WSTC had it’s first ever meeting last week at the High Point Neighborhood House. The first-ever board meeting will be October 8, next Tuesday, again at High Point House, focusing on firming up who is on the interim board, by-laws/structure, and then getting that letter out to officials to start up their work. You can follow the WSTC on Facebook here.
SDOT & infrastructure Committee update:

Thanks to Chris Stripini, our infrastructure chair, as usual.

Speed humps on 30th south of Roxbury–the neighbor-driven petition effort has enough people for this to move forward. The neighbors are working with SDOT, and the money for this is coming from the Safe Routes To School fund. The humps would be around the area south of Roxbury, down toward 102nd.

No news yet on the major, multiple-group Roxbury safety proposal. We will follow up on this with SDOT for an update as there have been several accidents recently on Roxbury. Depending on if you’re counting business or calendar days, for the expectation set for us, we’re either just overdue or coming up on due shortly for news and an official plan of action or results from the city. We’ll be following with SDOT today.
We also observed that WSDOT was surveying Roxbury down the hill toward Myers recently, but we’re not sure to what end, of if it’s significant.

The speeding cameras at Roxhill & Holy Family will be coming in sometime by the end of 2014. If more specific details don’t come forward in the next couple of months we’ll check with the Mayor’s office and/or SDOT after that.

The sidewalk project from Roxbury south to 97th should be still on track.

Safe Routes to School:

Marisol Mendoza is on the Roxhill Elementary Safe Routes To School committee and stopped by to visit. There was a presentation for parents tomorrow morning at 9am in the Roxhill cafeteria on traffic safety. Marisol is also going to spread the word about WWRHAH to the parents.

Roxhill Days:

We talked some more about the idea that’s been incubating for a major event at Roxhill Park. It’s been cooking in discussions in various hypothetical forms (work party, festival, playground expansion, cook-off, etc.) and we are going to dedicate the November meeting to this purpose. Some recent ideas that came up–again, all hypotheticals:

There is a non profit group called Momentum on the Eastside that puts adult exercise equipment into public parks so caregivers can get in some exercise while their children play themselves. Here is a KOMO article about them. One idea is to put these into the park, near the sandbox area.
Putting public exercise stations in the park, a work out cycle/program. Many other cities have these, already, including some in parts of Seattle (there are a few in Lincoln Park). This Youtube video shows some in New York City. This other Youtube video here shows others in New York City. This article is about other types of exercise stations in Wisconsin. One thought was to either scatter these where appropriate in parts of the park, or perhaps (more preferably) in a perimeter around the castle playground and skate park.
Educational nature stations, which would be ran along the trails and used for schools and people walking through the park.
Somehow combining the two sides of Roxhill Park–the Barton Street side with the playground, fields, and trails, with the ball fields over on the Roxbury Street side.
Again, the next meeting will be almost totally about these ideas.

Getting more people involved with WWRHAH and the community:

We ended with a discussion about getting the word out, about WWRHAH, to more people in the community, after learning from Marisol that there didn’t seem to be a lot of knowledge about us among parents at Roxhill.

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