Political Firestorm

By Georgie Bright Kunkel

There appears to be no way to unseat the profit makers that have hidden their assets in foreign countries. The power that has attempted to buy Congress and advertised the sleeping public into oblivion continues to reap big profits at our expense. We amoebas are relegated to worrying about bad breath and visiting places that claim they can make us look like the airbrushed beauties in movie magazines. The latest scam of our political energy is the abortion issue. It doesn’t cost anything for Congress to focus on that controversial never ending fight while numerous other life threatening issues are pushed to the sidelines. Now, don’t get me wrong. That issue is important to women who want to control their own bodies.

To beef up the party that has espoused anti-abortion as its mantra, church member lists were gleaned throughout the church community. A woman’s right to control her own body became a political issue in a country in which no female has ever been president and who does not have equal control of Congress. When will women, whose sexual dalliances become evident to the world, be free from being the scapegoats in society?

Whoever created human beings made sure that sex was pleasurable in order to assure the continuation of the human race. Until the female gained a semblance of control over this act and what results from this act they were chattel without self determination. In earlier times chaperones were provided so that young girls would not get carried away when in intimate contact with the opposite sex. Certainly we do not need a male dominated Congress to decide what females can or cannot do with their own bodies. And yet, the freedom of young people in more recent times has provided problems when young girls do not have adequate counseling in the area of their own sexuality.

Young girls used to marry right out of high school. Now with the educational norm extending into higher education and with contraception available young people consider sexual expression as their right. Girls are capable of bearing a child as early as teenage. Where once sex was supposed to be practiced within the sanctity of marriage, it is now in the area of recreation. Let’s face it, such an exciting area as sexuality can become a time bomb waiting to explode. Left to uneducated and unsupervised teens it certainly has provided complications in the lives of young people and their parents as well.

When you put religion and religious beliefs about sex and abortion issues into the mix it often stirs up public controversy. People who thought abortion was murder even committed murder themselves when their ardor drove them to killing the abortionist. Yes, there have always been extremists in every area of thought and action. Until a person has walked in the shoes of a woman who says she needs an abortion, it is difficult to criticize her choice. And certainly let us remove the abortion issue from the political realm which is controlled by men who have no need of abortions. We cannot allow young people to go unsupervised or uneducated during their formative years. WE citizens do the voting. WE citizens decide what we want in government. Let’s not pass off this responsibility but continue to take part in making this government what we want it to be without using the issue of controlling a woman’s body as a political issue.

Georgie Bright Kunkel is a freelance writer who can be reached at gnkunkel@comcast.net or 206-935-8663.

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