Kimberly Robinson
Lola loves to wear her green hoodie (it came from on cold days because she's basically a lover of warm weather. Paige Hansen got her around 7 months ago and it has been a learning experience for both of them.

Pet of the Week: Lola walks around like a person

Paige Hansen got her dog Lola, a Chihuahua, whose parents really are from Mexico, about 7 and half months ago. She lives with Paige and her boyfriend Tom Wearly near Alki Beach.

Paige buys Premium Edge from Mud Bay in the Admiral District for Lola's primary diet though Lola does get a little dried fruit now and then for snacks.

When we encountered them Lola was wearing a cute green hoodie, yes a dog sized hoodie that Paige got from Amazon but normally, Lola doesn't wear too many outfits. Lola hasn't had any obedience training yet she does know sit and stand and jump.

Lola is not a fan of little children and Paige suggested that it might stem from a scary experience when she was just a puppy. "They're just a little too aggressive," Paige said.

Depending on what Lola encounters her attitude and courage can shift.

"She's very courageous and then the other dog turns around and she runs back," said Tom, chuckling.

Lola wakes up very early, 'Like four in the morning," Paige said and,"so I take her out and I don't have a leash on her. One morning I took her out and she does her business and we start walking back across the street to our house and someone was running along Admiral and she just starts barking and running into the street. I don't have my glasses on and I was afraid she was going to get run over but luckily, eventually I got her to come back in."

Paige and Tom acknowledged that like all Chihuahuas Lola is a sun lover, and will lie in the warmth as long as she can. But Paige said Lola is notable for her ability to walk on her hind legs. "She walks around like a person,' Paige said. Sometimes for 10 to 15 seconds. "I think it's so she can see higher."

They love to walk on Alki Beach. It's Lola's favorite.

Paige summed Lola up by saying, "I feel like she's really focused me on things. Before her I might not get up before 11 but with Lola I can't do that. I have to get up when she needs me. I have to get out of the house and take her for a walk. I have to get the dog food and the treats. I think it's a good thing. I wish I knew how much responsibility she would be before I got her. I thought I knew. I didn't know.

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