Police Blotter Week of 10-21-13

Fast food chains and crime sprees
Back on October 7 we brought you the story of woman entering a McDonald’s at Westwood Village and taking a swing at the cashier after claiming the employee had forgotten her “(Expletive) McChicken!” In the weeks to follow a disturbing trend joining fast food with crime emerged citywide. Here’s a recap:

In Ballard on Oct. 14 a man “flew into a rage” after he was told by a Jack in the Box employee he would have to pay 25 cents for a third packet of ranch dressing. The cashier relented after and gave them man his ranch for free, but he was so angered at the notion he pushed an innocent 68-year-old male bystander to the ground on his way out the door.

On Oct. 17 at a Chipotle restaurant on 3rd and Pine downtown a man turned on an employee who wished him a good day as he was leaving. Apparently the 25-year-old employee gave well wishes and the 35-year-old suspect spun around and struck him in the face with a glass bottle of hot sauce. The bottle shattered, causing cuts to the victims face. Police apprehended the suspect, identifying him by the hot sauce strewn all over his jacket.

Also on the 17th, this time on Aurora Ave. N., a man walked into a pizza joint, demanded a free pizza, and said he would raise hell if he didn’t get it. The store refused his request, so the man started trashing the place and throwing trash cans around. Next, the suspect said he was picking up the pizza for a man who lives nearby and gets free pizza sometimes. An employee said he would contact that person with a phone call, but before he could the suspect stabbed him in the back and fled. The employee was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

The worst welcome-home sight
A West Seattle couple returned to their Fauntleroy S.W. home on Oct. 14 after a 10-day vacation to a most unpleasant surprise: their house had been ransacked head-to-toe during their absence. Precious metal coins and five firearms made the list of pilfered goods which totaled almost $40,000. As a male victim was standing in his kitchen sorting through the ransacked home he told police a woman walked into the house and appeared surprised to see him. She claimed her boyfriend told her he lived at the house and she was coming to visit. She began crying at the sight of the house in disarray and left the victim her cell phone number before leaving. Police are investigating that woman’s link to the burglary.

Crimes reported from Oct. 14 – Oct. 19

Robberies by block: none reported

Burglaries by block: 3900 S.W. Southern St., 5400 37th Ave. S.W., 7900 Delridge Way S.W. (2), 6000 49th Ave. S.W., 4500 42nd Ave. S.W., 8800 9th Ave. S.W., 8800 Fauntleroy Way S.W., 3700 S.W. 99th St., 4000 53rd Ave. S.W., 4500 51st Pl. S.W., 5600 36th Ave. S.W., 9400 45th Ave. S.W., 5000 36th Ave. S.W., 5200 35th Ave. S.W., 9000 12th Ave. S.W., 1500 42nd Ave. S.W., 4000 37th Ave. S.W.

Car prowls by block: 2700 60th Ave. S.W., 4400 Delridge Way S.W., 8000 Fauntleroy Way S.W., 1900 S.W. Holden St., 6700 13th Ave. S.W., 8000 Fauntleroy Way S.W., 3400 S.W. Henderson St.

Vehicle thefts by block: 4700 California Ave. S.W., 8100 14th Ave. S.W., 2400 55th Ave. S.W., 9000 30th Ave. S.W., 2500 56th Ave. S.W., 2500 S.W. Trenton St., 7300 40th Ave. S.W., 7700 26th Pl. S.W., 4500 42nd Ave. S.W., 8600 10th Ave. S.W., 7900 8th Ave. S.W.

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