Police Blotter week of 12-2-13

From Victims to Heroes
As reported on our website, an attempted bus robbery was thwarted by brave passengers around 6 p.m. on
Nov. 25 at the 6000 block of California Ave. S.W. The suspect, a 19 year old black male, boarded the metro bus at 3rd Avenue and Pike Street and quietly rode the bus with his hoodie up and a stocking partially over his face until the bus reached the stop on California Ave S.W. At that point the suspect stood up, began approaching passengers with a handgun and demanding their cell phones. Witnesses claim that cell phones seem to have been his primary focus. When the suspect approached one male victim and brought the gun up to his face the victim grabbed the gun and the suspect’s arm. The victim put his finger in the trigger to stop the suspect from being able to fire and began wrestling him to the ground. Other passengers joined in hitting and tackling the suspect, bringing him to the ground where four passengers held him down till police arrived.

Once police arrived and apprehended the suspect, he began lashing out belligerently at passengers and
police. When police placed the suspect in the back of a police cruiser, the suspect managed to kick out the Plexiglas partition inside the vehicle. The suspect is currently being held in King County Jail with at least three counts of armed robbery and more charges possibly pending.Good work to the brave passengers on the bus that night.

Wrong Stop
As the bars were closing in the early morning of Friday, Nov. 22, the heavily-intoxicated victim of this
account found himself stumbling onto the wrong bus. Once the victim realized his mistake, he quickly got off at the next available stop and began walking home (as best he could) along Delridge Way SW. According to the victim, once he was around S.W. Holden St., two suspects came up and knocked him to the ground and quickly made off with his wallet and phone. The victim later described to authorities two male suspects, one black and one possibly of mixed race, either wearing suits or Carhart jackets. The suspects remain unidentified.

Wet Floor
A botched beer run Nov. 20 at a convenience store on the 9200 block of 35 of 35 Ave S.W. left a store
clerk injured. Two white male suspects in their 20’s entered the convenience store and were denied buying beer by the clerk/victim. The suspects became angry and began punching the victim, even at one point going as far as to swing a plastic “wet floor” sign at the victim. The victim managed to block this blow with his arm. At this point thesuspects drove off in a dark blue Honda. A suspicious phone call at about the same time to police describing a suspect with a gun at the convenience store is currently noted as possibly being from the suspects themselves.

Crimes reported from Nov. 21 to Nov. 28

Burglaries by block: 2300 block California Ave S.W., 4500 block of California Ave S.W., 9200 block of 20 Ave SW, 9400 block of 9 Ave SW, 2600 block of S.W. Barton St

Car prowls by block: 1500 block of 42 Ave SW (2 reported here), 1600 block of 45 Ave S.W., 1900 block of 47 Ave S.W., 5600 block of 47 Ave SW, 6500 block of 35 Ave S.W., 6700 block of 30 Ave S.W., 6900 block of 23 Ave SW, 7700 block of 30 Ave SW, 8400 block of 25 Ave SW, 9000 block of Fauntleroy WY S.W., 9200 block of 34 Ave SW, 10000 block of California Ave S.W.

Car thefts by block: 2100 block of California Ave SW, 42 Ave S.W./ S.W. College St, 2000 block of Charlestown St, California Ave SW/ SW Dakota St, 4100 block of Hillcrest Ave S.W., 4500 block of Fauntleroy WY SW, 15 Ave S.W./ SW Holden St, 7700 block of 13 Ave SW, 16 Ave S.W./ S.W. Roxbury St, 10400 block of 40 Ave SW,

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