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Miracle on Fourth Street

by Cindi Rinehart

When the producers hired me to do “something” on Northwest Afternoon, I realized that their format was not firm! So, when they told me they were going to have me do a segment on consumer reporting, I said, “Folks, I know nothing about consumer reporting and everything about Soap Operas! Please, give me five minutes, just five minutes on Soap Updates!” They mulled it over a couple days and finally gave in. I could do five minutes updating the soaps! However, they also told me that I could only update ABC soaps. I readily agreed and only covered, ALL MY CHILDREN, ONE LIFE TO LIVE and GENERAL HOSPITAL. I secretly told my producer, Janelle that I bet the day this show starts, I’ll start getting complaints on why I’m not doing the other soaps. You see, soap viewers are a lot like sportwatchers, they are very loyal, especially Days of our Lives and The Young and the Restless. I did as the producers asked and gave daily updates on ABC soaps and just like I predicted, the other soap watchers went up in arms! Viewers called in during the show complaining, “Cindi, why aren’t you covering Days, it’s a top rated show!” “Cindi, why don’t you cover my soap, The Young and the Restless?”I got a ton of snail mail (yes, it was that far back) When I got mail, I would read it on the air and tell the folks to write to me. That did it! I got tons and tons of mail complaining. Tons and tons of phone calls, complaining. (Course, I stated the whole thing on purpose!)

After about a month of gathering letters, I decided it was time to make a miracle happen! I gathered all the complaints up, popped them in a garbage bag and marched right into the General Managers office for a little chat. Just like in the movie, I poured the mail on the floor. Gave the GM a big fat smile and said, “How much do you want NBC and CBS viewers watching ABC at three???”He said, “Cindi, I know what you want, I now know what they want. You can do the top six soaps, period.” I thanked him and left. The rating for NWA were good, but when I started doing all the soaps, the ratings went thru the roof!! That I expected. What I didn’t expect was what happened next. When the rating went thru the roof, my value to the station did too and it was reflected in my next contract. Whoohooo, soaps on! Game on!!

Game on meant that I needed an Attorney. I called my friend, Norma Connolly who played Aunt Ruby on GH. Unfortunately she passed away and yes, I have a wonderful story about Norma and my attorney to share with you another day, anyway .She told me to call Michael in LA, and that she trusted him with her life. I called and, as usual with my serendipitious life, He said, “Send me your tape, if my kids laugh, I’ll take you on as a client. If not. Good Luck.” Michael is still my attorney to this day, but, trust me! That’s definitely another story!

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