Police Blotter Week of 12-16-13

By Tim Clifford

Skipping the Checkout Line
At a store on SW Alaska St. on December 5th a robbery was attempted by two suspects for two bottles of Maker’s Mark Whiskey. Just before 9 o’clock the two suspects, described as two black males in their early 20’s with dark coats and hoodies, grabbed the bottles and were confronted by the victim who is a clerk at the store. One of the suspects attempted to push the victim out of the way, which resulted in a short struggle that ended with the exit door being taken off its tracks and a customer in the store holding the first suspect down while the victim called the police.
The second suspect fled as fast as possible. The First suspect managed to get out the helpful customer’s hold and fled before authorities arrived. The helpful shopper also left before police arrived and remains unidentified along with the suspects. After assisting the victim with fixing the exit door the police then took the two bottles of Maker’s to the evidence room to dust for prints later on.

​Just before noon on December 5th at a residence on 18th Ave SW the victim of this account looked out into his front yard in time to see a man attempting to steal his bike. The suspect, described as a black male who is in his 20’s and stands about 5 foot 6 and was wearing a purple knit cap, grabbed the chrome BMX bike claiming it was his. When the victim came outside and confronted the suspect there was a short exchange of angry words and allegations before the victim and suspect found themselves in a physical altercation. The suspect lunged forward and pushed the victim which prompted the victim to punch the suspect multiple times in the face. At this point witnesses working on a roof nearby came running to break up the fight.
​When the suspect and victim were separated from each other the suspect began telling everyone “I’m undercover”. After the victim demanded the suspect show him a badge the suspect, clearly intoxicated, reached into his right back pocket and then lunged at the victim with flailing arms. The victim and witnesses began telling the suspect to leave which he then did. As the suspect was walking away he yelled back at the victim threats to come and kill him at some later point and then disappeared.

Crimes reported Dec.5 to Dec.12

Burglaries by block: 4700 block of SW Hinds St, 2600 block of SW Andover St, 4000 block of 36 Ave SW, 4400 block of SW Dakota St, 4500 block of California Ave SW, 4700 block of 45 Ave SW, 5400 block of 17 Ave SW, 6300 block of High Point DR SW, 6000 block of 48 Ave SW, 8100 block of 17 Ave SW, 8600 block of 26 Ave SW, 8600 block of 9 Ave SW, 9200 block of 20 Ave SW, 9000 block of 17 Ave SW, 9400 block of 7 Ave SW, 3700 block of SW Ocean View DR

Car prowls by block: 3200 block of Point PL SW, 2600 block of California Ave SW, 7500 block of 14 Ave SW, 7700 block of 18 Ave SW, 9100 block of California Ave SW, 2600 block of SW Barton St, 9200 block of 13 Ave SW, SW Cambridge St/13 Ave SW,

Car thefts by block: 3100 block of Alki Ave SW, 3200 block of 41 Ave SW, 4100 block of 52 Ave SW, 4700 block of 53 Ave SW, SW Oregon St/44 Ave SW, 4700 block of 41 Ave SW, 6000 block of 16 Ave SW, 47 Ave SW/ Lincoln Park WY SW, 600 block of SW Kenyon St, 7700 block of 18 Ave SW, 8800 block of 36 Ave SW, 2600 block of SW Barton St, 3900 block of SW 100 St

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