Police Blotter Week of 12-23-13

By Tim Clifford

Home Alone
At a residence on 14th Ave SW on December 14th a burglar encountered the worst surprise a burglar can find: the victim still being in the house. The victim was taking a nap during the day in the basement of his home when he heard voices in his upstairs. Believing the voices to be those of his son returning home from school the victim continued to sleep. About 15 minutes after first hearing the noises the door to the basement opened and there was the suspect, a black male in his late teens or early twenties with a black hoodie and blue jeans, who began screaming at the sight of the victim asleep in the basement.
Making his way out the same window he had entered through the suspect ran away as fast as he could leaving a trail of stolen items in the yard. The victim immediately called 911. Responding officers took pictures of muddy prints in the kitchen and marks on the window that the suspect pried open. The officers also took the items found in the yard, including a camera, into evidence for finger print processing.

On December 12th at 20 Ave SW/SW Barton St a robbery at gunpoint occurred. The 19 year old victim was walking home through heavy fog at 2:30 in the morning when a Chrysler 300 with dark tinted windows and blue light inside of it parked just ahead the victim. A Hispanic male suspect, standing around 6 feet tall and weighing approximately 220 pounds stepped out the car and walked toward the victim with a gun pointed saying “Give me everything”. The victim handed over his wallet while the suspect snatched an “Obey” hat off the victim’s head and fished a white Galaxy s-4 phone out of the victim’s coat pocket.

The suspect, having gotten everything, told the victim to “look away and run”, an order the victim immediately took. When police arrived the victim gave a description of the vehicle and suspect. An area check was conducted for the vehicle or a person matching the description but nothing was found. The victim says he could identify the suspect if he saw him again.

Crimes reported from Dec.13 to Dec.19

Burglaries by block: 1100 block of Harbor Ave SW, 3000 block of 61 Ave SW, 3200 block of 59 Ave SW, 2600 block of Harbor Ave SW, 4100 block of California Ave SW (2 reported), 4500 block of 38 Ave SW, 3400 block of SW Graham St, 2700 block of SW Webster St, 7700 block of 26 Ave SW (2 reported), 7700 block of Delridge WY SW (3 reported), 7700 block of 13 Ave SW, 8100 block of 14 Ave SW, 8500 block of 14 Ave SW, 8100 block of 29 Ave SW, 8600 block of 31 Ave SW, 9400 block of 7 Ave SW, 3500 block of SW 100 St, 3100 block of SW 106 St

Car prowls by block: 3000 block of 52 Ave SW, 6000 block of 35 Ave SW, 7300 block of 32 Ave SW, 7900 block of 17 Ave SW, 8800 block of 8 Ave SW

Car thefts by block: 5300 block of SW College St, 4500 block of 38 Ave SW, 3200 block of SW Avalon WY, 5200 block of Delridge WY SW, 7300 block of 31 Ave SW, 7900 block of Delridge WY SW, 2 Ave S/ S Holden St, 2900 block of SW Thistle St, 8600 block of 16 Ave SW, 9400 block of 27 Ave SW, 10000 block of 40 Ave SW

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