Police Blotter Week of 12-30-13

by Tim Clifford

Too Much to Chew
At a mental health facility on the 2600 block of SW Holden St on December 21st police responded to an assault case involving a nose being bitten off. By accounts given from the victim and facility staff the victim and the suspect were sitting down at dinner when the suspect attacked the victim accusing him of “running his mouth”. Once the victim’s nose had been chomped off by the suspect the victim managed to throw a cup of coffee at the suspect before facility staff intervened.
The suspect was locked into a “quiet room” before police arrived. Facility staff managed to collect the severed nose and provide it to the Seattle Fire Department. The victim was taken to Harbor View Medical for treatment. It is believed that the suspect and the victim had known each other outside of the facility and that this is what started the altercation.
The suspect was not immediately arrested, but rather staff was ordered to keep the suspect detained in the “quiet room” for the time being. Because of the mental health concerns with the suspect and his violent nature the police believed he would be safer locked in the facility while the incident was further investigated.

No Tell
On the 6500 block of 34 Ave SW on December 22nd officers responded to reports of a man bleeding from the head. When questioned how the victim received his injuries he refused to explain anything to the officers and would only give them his name and date of birth.
When officers couldn’t get any more information from the victim they did an area search for witnesses and learned more details. According to witnesses who lived in the building outside of which the assault occurred a group of three Somalian men were chasing one man down the street. Police also learned that one of the Somalian men had dropped his wallet on the street during the chase.
When officers went to the hospital to see if they could convince the victim to give more information they were once again denied. However the hospital staff informed the officers that once the victim had gotten to the hospital he began complaining about intense shoulder pain. It was discovered that during the assault the victim had had his shoulder dislocated. No more details could be learned.

Crimes reported between Dec. 19 and Dec. 26

Burglaries by block: 1500 1/ 2 California Ave SW, 3400 block of Harbor Ave SW, 5200 block of Delridge WY SW, 6500 block of 35 Ave SW, 8100 block of 32 Ave SW, 8800 block of 37 Ave SW, 9000 block of 38 Ave SW, 9800 block of 32 Ave SW, 800 block of S Sullivan St, 800 block of S Donovan St

Car prowls by block: 4500 block of Fauntleroy WY SW, 5400 block of Beach DR SW, 6500 block of 39 Ave SW, 5900 block of Delridge WY SW, 3100 block of SW Morgan St, 7500 block of 32 Ave SW, 8800 block of 17 Ave SW

Car thefts by block: 2300 block of 42 Ave SW, 3800 block of 53 Ave SW, 4400 block of 44 Ave SW, 4300 block of SW Alaska St, 4500 block of 42 Ave SW, 3600 block of SW Edmunds St, 5000 block of 38 Ave SW, 4700 block of 23 Ave SW, 5900 block of California Ave SW, 6000 block of California Ave SW, 6700 block of California Ave SW, Sylvan WY SW/ High Point DR, 6900 block of Delridge WY SW

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