Police Blotter 1-6-14

The Gift That Keeps on Giving
A Christmas gift sparked multiple assaults in the middle of the day on December 26th at the 700 block of S Elmgrove St. Police responded to an open phone line where they could hear a violent commotion on the other end of the line. Upon arrival police found two victims with fresh wounds on each of their faces.

The first victim had apparently bought a Christmas gift for a relation of one of the suspects, a female the victim has helped out financially in the past. The victim saw suspect 1 and her boyfriend (suspect 2), who is described as a Hispanic male of 25 with a stocky build, outside of a residence and went up to them and asked suspect 1 how her relation liked the gift he had given them. Suspect 2 became visibly upset at hearing about this and pulled a knife from a sheath on his hip. When the victim asked suspect 2 if he was going to cut him suspect 2 put the knife away and threw a hard right punch into the victim’s face. At this point both suspects fled in a vehicle.

During this dispute the second victim was inside the residence outside of which this was all taking place and came outside to see what was going on. When the 2nd victim saw the victim outside he told him to leave and later explained to police that he had told the victim not to come around to his residence anymore. The 2nd victim began walking the victim down the street when the victim turned around a punched the 2nd victim in the forehead. The 2nd victim declined to press charges on the victim. It was later found out that a warrant is currently out for the 2nd suspect.

No Address
On SW Kenyon St (or around there) on December 27th an assault on housekeeper was reported. The victim claims that she has been a housekeeper for the suspect for over a year and that on this day the suspect refused to pay her for her services. At some point the suspect fell asleep with the victim still hanging around in the residence. The suspect allegedly woke up and began choking the victim while accusing her of “stealing his drugs”.

The victim managed to escape the suspect’s grasp and residence and called police after running a good distance away. When police arrived to the victim’s location and asked for the address of the suspect, despite having been the suspect’s housekeeper for over a year, the victim said she did not know the address of the suspect. The victim declined medical attention while the suspect remains at large, wherever that may be.

Crimes reported between Dec.27 and Jan. 2

Burglaries by block: 1600 block of Palm Ave SW, 2100 block of Ferry Ave SW, 3200 block of California Ave SW, 3400 block of 62 Ave SW, 5400 block of 35 Ave SW, 4600 block of SW Frontenac St, 7900 block of 35 Ave SW, 8100 block of Delridge WY SW, 8600 block of 35 Ave SW, 8600 block of Fauntleroy PL SW, 9200 block of 30 Ave SW

Car prowls by block: SW Oregon St/ 36 Ave SW, 2400 block of SW Juneau St, 15 Ave SW/ SW Barton St, 9400 block of Olson PL SW, 700 block of S Sullivan St, 1000 block of S Henderson St

Car thefts by block: 5500 block of SW Lander PL, 3000 block of 47 Ave SW, 26 Ave SW/ SW Andover St, 900 block of SW Holden St, 7900 block of Delridge WY SW, 9000 block of 18 Ave SW, 9000 block of 3 Ave SW, 800 block of S Donovan St

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