Police Blotter 1-13-14

An officer was flagged down on the 8800 block of 16 Ave SW by a victim who had just been sprayed with mace. The victim was walking home just before 10 p.m. when a person jumped out of a bush and sprayed the victim with mace and ran off. The victim managed to flag the officer down only minutes afterward. The victim could not provide any description whatsoever of the suspect and has no idea why someone would do this. When taken home by the fire department the victim was advised to shower and rinse his eyes thoroughly. The suspect remains at large.

The Run Around
On the 3rd of January police received multiple calls regarding a near hit and run on Delridge WY SW at about 6 p.m. The suspect was driving a 1995 blue Honda coupe and was seen (by witnesses and later by police via a nearby surveillance camera) to be having a heated argument with the victim on the street. During this argument the suspect made gestures to indicate he may have a gun and was seen to be looking around nervously as if for witnesses.

Angered and crazed the suspect returned to his vehicle, started it and turned off his headlights (it was dark at the time) and drove at the victim, coming onto the curb and barely missing the victim. The suspect then sped off with the headlights still of north on Delridge. Police arriving at the scene quickly identified the vehicle from the descriptions given by callers as well as the switched off headlights and began pursuing the suspect’s vehicle through congested neighborhood streets. Eventually the suspect managed to lose the police.

The vehicle and the suspect were later located by the license plate number at the suspect’s residence. The suspect’s vehicle was also identified as one reported in a shooting the 1st very close to where this incident occurred. The incident is believed to be gang related with the suspect being a known member of Sureno Villains Gang. Though located and identified the suspect has not been contacted by SPD yet.

Crimes reported between Jan.2 and Jan.9
Burglaries by block: 2800 block of Alki Ave SW, 3200 block of 45 Ave SW, 5000 block of SW Genesee St, 4500 block of California Ave SW, 6500 block of 42 Ave SW, 8400 block of 18 Ave SW, 8800 block of 31 Ave SW, 9200 block of 20 Ave SW

Car prowls by block: 6000 block of SW Steven St, 2900 block of SW Avalon WY, 3800 block of 54 Ave SW, 2900 block of SW Avalon WY, 2600 block of SW Andover St, 4000 block of Delridge WY SW, 8100 block of 20 Ave SW, 27 Ave SW/ SW Thistle St, 8100 block of 17 Ave SW, 8600 block of 14 Ave SW, 9400 block of 34 Ave SW

Car thefts by block: 3000 block of 47 Ave SW, 6000 block of 16 Ave SW, 2700 block of SW Sylvan Heights DR, 7500 block of 21 Ave SW, 8400 block of 36 Ave SW, 2600 block of SW Barton St, 800 block of S Donovan St

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