Police Blotter Week of 2-3-14

By Tim Clifford

Blood and broken glass
Police responded to a call about a possible assault at a residence on 34 Ave S.W. / S.W. 100 St. on Jan.22. It was about 11:30 p.m. when the victim knocked on the caller’s door bruised and bleeding from his hand and asking for help. Police immediately contacted the SFD to assist the victim with his injuries while he explained what had happened.

The victim had been out for a walk earlier that night when he saw a young man (the suspect) who he recognized to be living with a family in his mother’s rental home. The victim and suspect began walking together and chatting along the way. At some point in the conversation the suspect began talking about “blowing up a building” which he apparently found very funny. As they were walking along the suspect pulled out a white spray paint can and tried spraying the victim with it. When the victim tried to stop the suspect from doing this the suspect smashed the victim in the face with the can.

As the victim was gathering himself back up he watched as the victim smashed an empty beer bottle and then came at the victim trying to stab him. The victim sustained two deep cuts to the palm of his hand trying to block these flurries. The victim managed to make a break from the suspect and began knocking on the door of a house begging for help.

When the home owner came to the door the suspect was laughing and throwing a small children’s bike at the victim on the porch. Once the suspect saw that the home owner was dialing 911 he ran away from the scene. The victim sustained deep cuts, a possible broken nose and many bruises.

Police recovered broken bottle bits from where the attack began. The victim needed stitches for the cuts on his hand. The suspect remains at large.

Nearly snatched
On Jan. 26 on California Ave S.W. at about 1:00 a.m. police were flagged down on the street by a female victim of an attempted purse snatching. During the conversation officers realized that the attempted robbery had taken place nearly two hours before the victim ran into them. The victim also displayed signs of being intoxicated.

The victim had been walking on California Ave S.W. when a male suspect came up behind her and grabbed her purse. The victim and the suspect began pulling at the purse and entered into a “tug-of-war” on the street over the victim’s bag.

A passerby in a car stopped and before he could intervene the suspect let go of the purse and ran off. When police took the victim back to the scene of the incident they were able to recover her phone which had fallen out of her purse. The suspect remains unidentified and at large.

Crimes reported between Jan.23 and Jan.30

Burglaries by block: 1600 block of Sunset Ave S.W., 3600 block of 42 Ave S.W., 6300 block of Atlas Pl S.W., 6500 block of 41 Ave S.W., 3200 block of S.W. Graham St., 7700 block of 20 Ave S.W., 8400 block of 8 Ave. S.W., 9200 block of 22 Ave S.W.

Car prowls by block: 3000 block of 62 Ave S.W., 2700 block of 47 Ave S.W., 7000 block of 27 Ave S.W., 7300 block of Bainbridge Pl S.W., 8200 block of 44 Ave S.W., 8800 block of 8 Ave S.W., 9200 block of 21 Ave S.W.

Car thefts by block: 2912 1/ 2 Alki Ave S., 3200 block of 41 Ave S.W., 3600 block of 44 Ave S.W., 4100 block of 38 Ave S.W., 5900 block of Fauntleroy WY S.W., 6500 block of California Ave S.W., 6000 block of 16 Ave S.W., 7000 block of California Ave S.W., 9200 block of Fauntleroy WY S.W.

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