Do You Shift? The Shapeshifting Documentary comes to Alki Beach searching for 'shifters'

A local film crew will be on location in West Seattle Saturday April 12, 2014 from 2-5 pm to conduct street interviews on "shape shifting", which may not be what you think.
"Do You Shift?" is a documentary film that is seeking "Shapeshifters" in countries and cultures throughout the world. The documentary will explore many aspects of Shapeshifting in history, mythology and pop culture through interviews with people who experience shapeshifting today.

“What I have found so far in interviewing shapeshifters is that it isn’t just about physical transformation it is about shifting our perspective of what is possible”, said Alder Sherwood, a producer, actor and West Seattle resident, who also produced the local TV pilot The Divine Marigolds.

“Shapeshifting is a mental transformation as well.” Melinda Raebyne, producer, said: “. . . from this documentary I hope we will begin to understand the wisdom of our ancestors that can help us tear down the walls of limitation that we and society has put on us and for us to see that our possibilities are limitless.” 

In a world that grows increasingly interconnected the shapeshifting concept that all things; people, animals and plants, are connected with one another and responsible to and for one another is a perspective of growing importance. We share the air; we share the water; we share the land, and here on Alki Beach, where Europeans and Native Americans first met, we hope to share ideas of shapeshifting with others enjoying this beautiful and historic site.

The documentary team has interviewed John Perkins, the best-selling author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman and an expert on shapeshifting. He wrote the book Shapeshifting: Techniques for Global and Personal Transformation. We have filmed many other local authors, shamans, tribal leaders, spiritual practitioners and luminaries in this journey into new levels of consciousness, gaining insight and new perceptions.

Director David Lee Felter finds his own understanding of shapeshifting expanding in this journey, as he says, “Shapeshifting isn't just about physical transformation. It's not just a human becoming an animal, it's about transitioning your psyche from one that is unaware, or on autopilot, into something more mindful and present. It comes with harnessing a power that is beyond what most people think is possible.”

“We would love to interview anyone that is a Shifter or knows someone who has Shapeshifted” says producer Jeremiah Kaynor of Corvus Eye Productions. The footage from the street interviews will be used on the YouTube channel and the documentary itself.

Marketing Director Derrick Fargo, who created our web site and Facebook page has discovered what we mean by Do You Shift?: "At first I was skeptical about shape shifting -- sounds like science fiction. Now I see shape shifting in all aspects of my life and relationships. You just have to ask 'how can I shape shift?’ “ As producer Sandra Kersten Chalk is experiencing: “A total change in the direction of one’s life – a shift - creates an amazing openness to the acceptance of new ideas and new connections with all life.”

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And, plan to join us on Alki Beach on Saturday, April 12, from 2 – 5:00 pm near the volleyball nets.

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