Police Blotter Week of 4-14-14

By Tim Clifford

Picked up, kicked out
On Mar. 30 on the 9400 block of Myers WY S. a robbery occurred inside a vehicle at a 4 a.m. The victim told officers that she was picked up by a 3 friends in a gold 90’s model Lexus sedan at her house. One of the suspects (all of these “friends” would soon become suspects) was a female that the victim had briefly met a couple of weeks before. They were headed to the Muckleshoot Casino from west Seattle.

While the victim was texting on her phone in the backseat the suspect driving the car pulled over to the curb on the 9400 block of Myers WY S. The suspect turned around in her seat and grabbed the victim’s phone from her and told her to get out of the car. The other suspects refused to open the door to push the victim out so this first suspect reached back again and snatched the victim’s purse as she forced the victim’s door open. Once the victim began trying to reach for her stuff one of the other suspects leaned against her door and began kicking at the victim. After about 5 kicks the victim was out of the car and the suspects sped away.

Later the victim tried to call one of the suspects who she is friends with to get her stuff back and the suspect tried to disguise her voice before hanging up on the victim. The victim believes two of the suspects live in Burien but didn’t know anything about the suspect who she was only acquainted with. The suspects remain at large.

On Apr.6 at 4 a.m. at a vacant building undergoing asbestos abatement on the 4700 block of S.W. Admiral WY a security guard contacted police after finding a door open and hearing banging noises coming from inside. When the officers arrived they formed teams to surround the exterior of the building and sweep the interior.

The door to the building was very badly damaged but officers could not tell if the damage was from this incident or one of the numerous previous burglaries that the building has seen since being vacated. As the officers moved through the inside of the building they could smell the very strong odor of a recently lit cigarette. There was also a wrench and a bag full of copper piping on the floor. When they reached the mechanical room of the building they found the suspect hiding behind some machinery.

No other suspects were found hiding in the building. The suspect was taken into custody and booked. It is unknown what became of his wrench and cigarettes.

Crimes reported between Apr. 3 and Apr.10

Burglaries by block: 4700 block of S.W. Admiral WY, 2700 block of 46 Ave. S.W., 4000 block of S.W. Admiral WY (2 reported), 3700 block of Beach Dr. S.W., 9000 block of 20 Ave. S.W., 9000 block of 16 Ave. S.W., 9200 block of 17 Ave. S.W., 500 block of S. Donovan St., 3500 block of S.W. Ocean View Dr.

Car thefts by block: 3000 block of Alki Ave. S.W., 3000 block of 64 Ave. S.W., 2300 block of 41 Ave. S.W., 3600 block of Beach Dr. S.W., 3700 block of Beach Dr. S.W., 3800 block of California Ave. S.W., 4000 block of Delridge WY S.W., 4400 block of 42 Ave. S.W., 4500 block of 42 Ave. S.W., 4200 block of S.W. Dawson St., 7500 block of 24 Ave. S.W.

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