Seattle leaders endorse Keep Seattle Moving initiative to save bus service for Seattle

Initiative 118 would raise $30 million a year for buses in Seattle

information from Keep Seattle Moving

Elected officials from Seattle today endorsed the Keep Seattle Moving ballot measure that would reverse planned cuts to Seattle bus service. The Seattle City Clerk has approved the measure, Initiative 118, for circulation.

“Cutting bus service will put another 23,000 cars on the road every day and make it harder for all of us – especially our most vulnerable citizens – to get around. This initiative will help keep Seattle moving while we craft a long-term solution in Olympia to fund and improve transit in our region,” said Rep. Jessyn Farrell of the 46th District.

"The urgent need for us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our state will not be met if we further cut back on the transportation choices that our bus system provides. I am excited to support any measure that mitigates the devastating human and environmental impacts of deep cuts to our transit system,” said Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon of the 34th District.

"As the cost of living keeps rising, transit is essential to helping more people afford to live in Seattle. Many of my constituents rely on transit to reduce the cost of gas and parking. That savings can be the difference between a family being able to stay in Seattle or having to move outside of the city," said Rep. Eric Pettigrew of the 37th District."

“If we lose these buses, Seattle’s streets will be clogged with more traffic. That will hurt commuters getting to work, students getting to school, and cause unacceptable delays for freight, hurting our maritime and industrial businesses. I support Initiative 118 because it will help our economy and sustain our transit service,” said Rep. Gael Tarleton of the 36th District.

“Seattle voters want better transit, and the Keep Seattle Moving initiative is the only plan currently in circulation to reverse bus cuts that Seattle doesn’t want,” said Ben Schiendelman, initiative proponent and founder of Keep Seattle Moving. “I thank these elected leaders for their support of this important initiative. Momentum is building for this progressive solution that will keep Seattle’s buses rolling and prevent our neighborhoods from being choked by traffic.”

Initiative 118 would raise property taxes by $0.22 per $1,000 of assessed value to fund bus routes in the city of Seattle, reversing cuts Metro plans to make to bus service. The average Seattle household would pay an extra $60 per year in property tax, generating about $30 million per year for the next six years.

Keep Seattle Moving is currently gathering signatures to place Initiative 118 on the November ballot. 20,638 valid signatures are required to be collected by June 4 in order for the initiative to qualify.

Metro’s planned cuts to Seattle bus service would lead to 10 million fewer riders each year, about 10% of the overall system ridership. A clear majority of Seattle voters said yes to a measure that would have averted the cuts, but the measure was strongly opposed in suburban King County.

The following is a list of legislators who have endorsed the Keep Seattle Moving initiative as of May 6:

Rep. Cindy Ryu, 32nd LD

Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon, 34th LD

Rep. Eileen Cody, 34th LD

Rep. Gael Tarleton, 36th LD

Sen. Adam Kline, 37th LD

Rep. Eric Pettigrew, 37th LD

Rep. Jessyn Farrell, 46th LD

Rep. Gerry Pollet, 46th LD

A complete list of endorsers, as well as a copy of the Initiative 118 text and petitions can be found at the Keep Seattle Moving website,

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