Police blotter Week of 5-26-2014

By Tim Clifford

Robbery at Community Center
A 13 year old girl was robbed Friday night on May 16 at a community center on the 2800 block of S.W. Thistle St. around 11 p.m. The young victim was hanging out at the center with a few of her friends when they decided to head outside and walk over to a nearby playfield. The victim decided to return to the center alone began heading back up the stairs to the center after leaving her friends.

As she was heading up the stairs 3 female suspects, all wearing hoodies with the hoods up, stopped the victim and asked her if they could use her cell phone. The victim told them “no” and as she went to move past the suspects one them grabbed her by her hair yanking her head back as another suspect punched her in the face. The victim dropped all of her belongings that were in her hand during the attack. One of the suspects reached down and grabbed up the victim’s cell phone and then yelled “run, run” to the other suspects. One suspect removed her hood right after the robbery and is described as a black female with a ponytail. Because of the time of night and the hoods the suspects were wearing the victim could not get a good look at them but described them all as seeming to be high school aged.

The victim’s mother contacted police the next day to file a report. The victim sustained bruises and cuts to the face along with ongoing throbbing pain on her scalp from where her hair was pulled. The suspects remain at large.

Kicked to the curb
On May 10 just after 3 a.m. in the morning a woman was assaulted and then robbed while being given a ride on the 7700 block of Delridge WY. S.W. According to the victim she has only known the suspect for a little over a week and is not in any sort of intimate relationship with him.

The victim told police that she was riding with the suspect in a 1999 dark blue Dodge Caravan while he was intoxicated. The suspect became confused as to where he was and then became convinced that the police were behind him, at which point he pulled over in front of an apartment complex. Once the car was pulled over the suspect and victim began arguing which escalated once the suspect ripped up a receipt that belonged to the victim. The suspect got out of the car and walked around to the victim’s side and pulled her out of the car and onto the curb. After slamming her head onto pavement the victim was then punched four times by the suspect in the face and kicked in the ribs. Before driving off the suspect reached into the pocket of the victim and stole the money that she was carrying.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic male in his 30’s weighing around 170 pounds and standing approximately 5’10. The victim was treated at the scene for her wounds and driven back to the southwest precinct to call another friend for a ride home. The victim was given a case number for the incident before she left.

Crimes reported by block between May 15 and May 22

Burglaries by block: 4100 block of 36 Ave. S.W., 8100 block of 8 Ave. S.W.

Car thefts by block: 3000 block of Alki Ave. S.W., 3000 block of 60 Ave. S.W., 4000 block of 49 Ave. S.W., 4100 block of California Ave. S.W., 4000 block of 32 Ave. S.W., 7100 block of California Ave. S.W., 8400 block of 25 Ave. S.W., 500 block of S. Sullivan St., 2600 block of S.W. Barton St., 2800 block of S.W. Barton St., 300 block of S. Cloverdale St. (2 reported)

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