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This barricade in the middle of the street, mid block in the 4100 block of 20th SW is causing neighbors some concern that it is not being addressed.

UPDATE- Letter: Barricade around sinkhole causing traffic concerns: now repaired

Editor's note- Pigeon Point resident Pete Spalding wrote to the Seattle Department of Transportation to express concern over a street issue in his neighborhood:

UPDATE: The issue has been addressed according to Pete Spalding:

I just want to take a moment to thank everyone that emailed me, called me or
spoke to me in person to help resolve this issue so quickly. After a number of emails and phone calls during the day on Friday an SDOT crew was assigned to do the work. They showed up on Saturday morning as promised, assessed the
situation and then proceeded to do their repairs. The crew was very nice and took the time to explain what steps they had taken, were going to take at that time and what we could expect as follow-up to make sure that further sinkage did not occur.

Should also mention that during my initial conversation with them on Saturday morning I pointed out another issue that concerned us. They explained to me what was causing the issue and that it was not something that could be addressed until a tree was removed. But lo and behold when I drove by late in the afternoon they had taken the time to do a quick repair to that issue as well to make it better in the meantime for our Pigeon Point neighbors and the parents and others that drive to and from Pathfinder school.

Thanks again to all involved for caring about our Pigeon Point neighborhood.

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There is a very serious issue on my street that someone needs to get a handle on before we are faced with an even bigger and more serious problem.

Over the course of the last two+ weeks four neighbors have used the Seattle Find It Fix It app, SDOT and SPU have been to this site multiple times. All we have is a single barricade in the middle of the street. This issue is mid block of 4100 20th Ave SW.

We have a sinkhole that has developed. This is not the first time this has happened on this block. There is a very old clay wastewater pipe that runs down the middle of this street. On several occasions where the neighbors pipes tie in to the pipe leaks have developed. Now it has happened again. We have noticed the street sinking for several months. To this point SDOT has simply patched the hole. The situation continues to deteriorate and become much more serious. Neighbors are able to stick a pipe down in the hole and we know it is at least 9 feet deep. We are unable to determine how much of the roadway is impacted.

Traffic continues to be allowed over this area. This not only includes cars but also delivery trucks and the recycling and yard waste trucks. Fortunately school is out so we do not have any school buses using the street at this moment.

We are becoming more concerned by the day that nothing is being done other than the lone barricade in the middle of the street.

This is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Please tell me what is being done to resolve this issue or who else I need to contact. We need your help on this issue as soon as possible.



We are looking into it and will get back to you.

Scott Kubly
Director, Department of Transportation

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