Police Blotter Week of 11-28-16

Two sides to the story

Police weren’t sure which side of the story to believe, when they responded to a call about a knife fight on the 6900 block of Delridge Way S.W. at 10:30 a.m. on Wed., Nov. 16. First they heard that a woman attacked a young man with a blade, before fleeing away on a bicycle. When officers caught up with the suspect, there was no knife to be found and she reported a whole other incident, saying she had been beaten up by the boy instead.

Police returned to the scene of the crime to interview the boy. He said the suspect was an old friend of the family, but she had not been getting along with the group lately. The young man said that when the woman saw him, she began to yell and then walked up and grabbed his sister by the hair. He tried to stop her and then she came after him swinging a machete. The boy’s younger sister said that she also saw the knife and yelled for her father, who called the police.

The suspect agreed that there had been a fight but denied having a knife. She claimed that she had simply been defending herself from an attack. Officers were not able to locate any independent witnesses so no one was charged with a crime.

Robber strikes when homeowners go out to run errands

The owners of a home on the 1900 block of Bonair Dr. S.W. were out running errands on Tues., Nov. 15 when someone broke into their home. They returned around noon to find their pedestrian garage door was kicked in. Officers arrived and searched the area for suspects but did not find any. The homeowners walked the property to list items that were missing, which included two laptops and an entire drawer of jewelry. The police were unable to find any fingerprints.

Forced entry on 36th Avenue

Officers were dispatched to handle a forced entry on the 6500 block of 36th Avenue S.W around 6:30 p.m. on Tues., Nov. 15. The victim said the crime occurred sometime between noon and 3 p.m. The suspect entered through the backdoor, opened cabinets in the kitchen and threw items onto the floor. A number of items were missing, including a small gun safe as well as titles to his vehicle, boat and trailer. A friend who was visiting also was robbed of his android tablet. Officers were unable to find any fingerprints.

Awaking to assault

Police answered a call for an assault around 11 p.m. on Mon., Nov. 14. They arrived on the 4800 block of Delridge Way S.W. to find a man with a serious bump on his forehead. He explained that he had been hit with a gun—but refused any medical aid. The suspect was described as being in his 30s and wearing a Seahawks jersey and was accompanied by a younger man, wearing a black shirt and blue jeans. Both men were seen running northbound in an alley. Officers searched the area but were unable to find the men.

The victim said he had been sleeping in the passenger seat of his car, while the suspects snuck in the back and began rummaging through the car. When the man woke up, the suspect hit him with the firearm.

The victim recognized the suspect, because he tried to sell the man a stereo system a week ago. The suspect stole the system instead of paying for it. The victim did not report the incident to police. Officers advised the victim to call them if he saw the suspect again.

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