LETTER: Fuming about the tunnel

To the Editor,

Let’s talk Bertha for a moment and your comment, “I suppose people will get used to the tunnel and forget….and the fact that they voted for the darn thing.” Highly unlikely Sir. Why, 29,000 of us signed a petition that said, in essence, “Oh Hell, No!”

Et too Jean? Jean Godden celebrated “Bertha’s Big Break-through” and commented that “uncertainty about the Viaduct is mostly in the past.” Well, I’ll have what she’s having for clearly? it must make one happy in the face of certain upcoming misery and chaos as we all take to the side streets. She talks blithely of being “reunited with the magnificent Elliott Bay Harbor” and “when questions about tolls are resolved.” Neither comment comes close to reality. Oh right, why you do have a grand view if………you’re not in a hole in the ground and pay paying for that privilege.

Gosh, even Danny Westneat has been drinking the Kool-Aide. He notes that the “gravitational pull” of the city has now become “north.” And that, my friends is where the action is. He tells us “West Seattleites who derided this tunnel” that it will all be a “free track” to those of us working at Amazon. Raise your hands. How many are there?

It seems the argument of “There are no exits to downtown” didn’t seem valid to him.
Well, I suppose for the twelve of us still left here after the exit for Lake Union maybe he has a point. Not.

It seems only journalist Mike Lindblom had the true quote that sickens us all…in addition to the fumes one would inhale in the tunnel.

“…while affording an Olympic Mountains view to the common people on wheels, will truly be demolished.” True that Mike. Sadly, true that.

Andy Helman
West Seattle

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