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Caught off guard: robbery at gunpoint

One local man’s harrowing early morning mugging and the recent rise in violent robberies

“I looked down, looked at the time, and I went to tell him the time and he had pulled a gun and put it in my face” describes Steve Kamphaus of the way his recent early morning robbery began.

A manager at the Thriftway on S.W. Morgan St., Kamphaus was heading into work to begin his shift at 7:13 a.m. when a black male teenager with a chubby face stopped him and asked the time. While looking down the teenager pulled a gun and demanded Kamphaus turn over his wallet, phone and car keys. A second teenager showed up to crowd around Kamphaus.

“At that point I think I was probably just in shock, disbelief, and I kind of said “no, I’m not giving you my keys” and that’s when the third one came up behind me.”

With three teenaged boys already surrounding him, two of the three in masks, two more masked teenagers came running across the street and lead Kamphaus back to his car parked on the corner on of 42 Ave. S.W. / S.W. Holly St.

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