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Patrick Robinson
The huge atrium and climbing rock in the lobby of the newly refurbished West Seattle Health Club are much more inviting after a million dollar makeover infused new life (and a lot of new equipment) into the previously troubled facility. The new operators have made an investment in both the company and the community.

SLIDESHOW: West Seattle Health Club is back and focused on the community

The fate of the West Seattle Health Club (also known as All Star Fitness and later as West Seattle Athletic Club) has been up in the air seemingly for years with a succession of owners who could never seem to make it work. The legal issues that followed those business problems dragged on so long people thought the facility might close forever.

But that's not the case. In fact now, after a million dollar makeover, the massive athletic complex is not only back but is built for the future and focused on building strong bridges with the community.

The building owner, John Pietromonaco is also now the owner of the business and has assembled a team of industry professionals to run it. At the top is operations VP Dan Lehr who said that the investment in new equipment and facility improvements and repair has been major. Lear has been in the industry for more than 25 years.

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