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These kids will have an app for that!

Seattle App Academy to open in Sept. at Lafayette Elementary

By Gwen Davis

In some schools, K-12 students are using computers that are five years old. However, the apps on their iPhones update themselves every two weeks. The schools’ math curriculum needs four years to accommodate changes. But the tech industry completely reinvests how we live life within six months. Basically, the pace of technology has far exceeded the schools’ ability to teach computer skills at a meaningful, 21st-century level. What is one to do?

That is what West Seattle resident Kevin Brown has been thinking about for a long time.

“I studied the issue of how schools aren’t successful with teaching more than just how to use a computer,” Brown said. “They are used to being taught keyboarding and how to use PowerPoint, but they are not taught computer science programming.”

Which is why Brown will open the Seattle App Academy in West Seattle on Sept. 16 which will provide students in grades 4-8 with instruction on how to do computer programming, robotics and electronics. The academy will also offer classes on entrepreneurship

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