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Patrick Robinson
Kyle Peterson puts up a flag in the West Seattle junction on Memorial Day to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in going their lives for this nation. A group of about 15 people volunteered to help American Legion Post 160 to perform the duty.

Memorial Day flags in the Junction honor military service

For the third year, American Legion Post 160 gathered volunteers to help put up flags in the West Seattle Junction on Memorial Day to honor the military service of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their nation.

Colonel Tom Busey US Army (ret). led one of two groups as more than 40 flags were put in pre-drilled holes in the junction, some wrapping around the intersection of California Ave SW and SW Oregon Street near the West Seattle Senior Center.

Busey explained that there has been a low key effort to both get more flags and to get construction companies or building owners to drill the requisite holes out in front of some of the new construction in the Junction but so far there's been little response. The flags, which cost around $45, are stored in the junction and brought out by The American Legion twice a year. Other groups also bring them out on other days during the year.

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