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Prop 1 apparently failing but another initiative has emerged hoping to rescue transit

Officials react to news and new proposal

Asking voters to pay more in sales tax and a $60 car tab fee as proposed in Proposition 1 is apparently failing on the April 22 ballot. More results are forthcoming but the early results show the measure being rejected 55 percent to 45 percent.

Officials were quick to react to the news:

King County Councilmember Joe McDermott said via Facebook: "Ouch.
We need the Legislature to give us progressive options to fund transit and roads."

State Representative Joe Fitzgibbon said, "The failure of Proposition 1 is a huge disappointment as it will leave thousands of riders stranded, put more cars on the road, and result in more pollution to our air and water."

Chris Arkills, Policy Adviser to the King County Executive said,"As I stood on my packed bus this morning I watched other buses going by full of riders. Metro is already struggling to keep up with demand. The failure of Prop 1 will have real effects. Buses will be so crowded they will often pass people by. There will be less trips at night and poorer connections. More people will drive and our roads will be more congested with cars adding pollution affecting climate change. We are moving in the exact wrong direction."

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