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Tim Clifford
Jean Barton (middle) stands with members of S.A.F.E. outside of the home that she shares with her husband Byron Barton and their two sons. The family had owned the home for 61 years before it was foreclosed on and, as they allege, fraudulently auctioned to Triangle Properties Development.

Triangle Properties takes legal action to force Barton family from house

By Tim Clifford

Triangle Properties Development has issued a writ of Mandamus in King County Superior Court to force the Seattle Police Department to take action against the Barton family, who are back in their home after an attempted eviction by the King County Sheriff’s office on July 18, and arrest them for trespassing. In a press release from Triangle Properties Development lawyer Synthia Melton said:

“Mayor Murray’s refusal to uphold the law is undermining the legal process by preventing a property owner from lawfully using and possessing its property. The legal issues the mayor refers to in this case have already been determined by the courts. The mayor’s inaction is supporting criminal trespass, and can set dangerous precedent for how court ordered evictions will be executed, making it more difficult for law enforcement to perform its job”.

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