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Lindsay Peyton
Lynn Dennis draws from a wide range of experiences and a broad base of business knowledge in her role as CEO of the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce.

Lynn Dennis guides the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce full steam ahead

By Lindsay Peyton

Lynn Dennis knows how business works – on all levels, in companies big and small.

She understands the mechanics of running a small family business, because she worked alongside her parents, sister and husband at KMD, Inc. for 15 years. She has also worked in large corporations, like Harbor Properties, which developed major real estate in the city.

Dennis’ background prepared her for her current post as CEO of the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce, where she has gained a reputation as a passionate leader.

“She exemplifies women in leadership; she’s the whole package,” Patricia Throop, vice chair of the Chamber’s board and founder of Eldercare Consulting, said.

Throop said Dennis has pushed the organization ahead. “We’ve been so lucky to get Lynn on the Chamber,” Throop said. “She really took the bull by the horns. She’s been so phenomenal at getting the board organized and helping define our vision.”

Throop said Dennis is a well-known figure in West Seattle.

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