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Councilmember Herbold weighs in on Admiral lot and Ponderosa Pine controversy

The controversy over the construction of a house in the side yard of a home in the Belvidere/Admiral neighborhood caused an appeal of a judgement that permitted the project to go ahead, to be filed last week.

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Now Seattle City Councilmember Herbold has weighed in on the matter and offered her thoughts and information on it in her email to constituents.

Herbold writers:

The Ponderosa Pine

"Over the last few months, many community members have asked me to help save the Ponderosa Pine at 3036 39th Ave SW in the Belvidere/Admiral neighborhood from being removed as a result of a proposed development on a small lot that required approval of Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI). In response, I met with concerned neighbors and wrote to and met with SDCI Director Nathan Torgelson to seek: (1) clarity about the process SDCI uses to approve development on these small lots under 3,200 sq. feet; (2) information about the cost of a code interpretation letter; and (3) support for better land use policies that protect exceptional trees.

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