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The 'Metro Connects' plan looks forward to improved bus service across King County

'Metro Connects' takes aim at better transit service across King County

information from King County Metro

Metro Connects, the long-range plan for improving King County Metro transit service, was adopted Monday by the King County Council, following review by the Regional Transit Committee. Metro Transit serves more than 400,000 daily riders today; under this plan there will be over one million daily riders on transit throughout King County by 2040.

King County Metro Transit General Manager Rob Gannon thanked the County Executive, County Council and Regional Transit Committee for their leadership and approval of the Metro Connects plan.

“When transit service is integrated, customers win,” Gannon said. “Transit demand continues to climb, and with Metro Connects we now begin the work of further expanding this region’s world-class system. Behind the buses and route numbers are the operators, mechanics and planners who will make this plan happen, and we are focused on accomplishing this work so service can better meet customers’ needs now and in the future.”

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