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file photo by Patrick Robinson
Tracy Dart is now the subject of a criminal investigation by the Seattle Police Department following allegations of false cancer claims.

Seattle Police have opened a criminal investigation regarding Tracy Dart

An inquiry with the Seattle Police Department yielded the fact that they have opened a criminal investigation into the potential crimes committed by West Seattle fundraiser Tracy Dart.

The West Seattle Herald broke the news last week that Dart had allegedly been lying for nearly a decade about having cancer and had held numerous fundraisers for both Susan G. Komen Foundation and herself personally.

Detective Patrick Michaud of the Seattle Police said "We now have an open case on this matter. Detectives have received several tips from community members that we are reviewing as a part of an ongoing case. I can’t go into detail about where the case stands at this point, but we are asking anyone with information to please call (206)625-5011 and speak with an officer."

Sources close to Team Tracy (her fundraising organization) originally contacted the Herald with the charges and later both Susan G. Komen and Auburn Volkswagen who gave Dart use of a car fora year came forward to say they had been in touch with Team Tracy and were told she had never had the disease.

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