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Patrick Robinson
Josh from S.A.F.E. was the primary speaker at an press conference held just outside the office of Seattle Mayor Ed Murray on July 21. The group is hoping to prevent the eviction of Jean and Byron Barton from their home in West Seattle and asked that while the matter is in the legal process, that the Mayor order that no arrests be made for what has been called criminal trespassing by the authorities.

UPDATE: Barton family eviction protest heads to City Hall

Mayor Murray issues statement; Orders police to wait until court proceedings are resolved

UPDATE 9:00pm
Mayor Murray responded with a statement on the Barton family situation via the web.

“We are attempting to understand all options that may exist in this situation and I have asked Chief O’Toole and the Seattle Police Department to stand by while the latest court proceedings unwind.

An interdepartmental team has been working on the issue of foreclosure and how the City of Seattle can proactively connect residents to resources early in the process. I’ve pledged the City of Seattle’s participation in the Mayors Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness in 2015, and will launch a separate process to address homelessness and increase housing affordability in the months ahead, one of my visions toward making Seattle an affordable city.
In Washington State, we’ve seen recent victories such as the 2011 Washington State Foreclosure Fairness Act, which I worked on closely, designed to help homeowners and their lenders explore alternatives to foreclosure and reach a resolution when possible. I’m committed to working with all stakeholders, using this and other alternatives in the work Seattle does on housing affordability.”

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