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Eric Garcetti.
The CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin, a massive, 200,000 ton container ship will visit West Seattle's Harbor Island Terminal 18 later this month. It can carry 18,000 containers.

Biggest container ship ever in North America coming to West Seattle's Terminal 18

Harbor island's Terminal 18 is going to get a huge visitor later this month when the largest container ship to ever visit Seattle (or any North American port) the Benjamin Franklin sails here.

Terminal 18 is equipped to handle the new class of Post Panamax ships (unlike Terminal 5 which has yet to be upgraded) which in the case of the Benjamin Franklin can carry 18,000 containers. A conventional container ship can carry 10,000. Terminal 18 is the largest container facility in the Pacific Northwest with 10 cranes and 24 truck lanes. The massive 200,000 ton vessel, at 1310 feet long is longer than two Space Needles and wider than the football field at Century Link. It stands 200 feet tall.

The ship is owned by France-based shipping company CMA CGM Group, flagged out of London and was built in China where it is based.

During its maiden voyage it made a stop in Oakland, barely clearing the Golden Gate bridge by just 20 feet.

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