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Patrick Robinson
San Juan Apartments closed in Emergency Order from the City of Seattle.

San Juan Apartments closed by City of Seattle in emergency order

The City of Seattle issued an Emergency Order to "Vacate and Close" the San Juan Apartments at 4840 California Ave. SW due to hazardous conditions effective immediately. The 28 unit, three story building, fully rented must be evacuated. No word has been issued on what will happen to the residents or how long the work will take.

It is the result of the owners initial refusal to repair extensive roof leaks. Work started after notice was posted on Wednesday. The registered agent for the building that rents for between $1200 and close to $1400 per month (with parking) is OM& R Corporation at 701 Pike Street Ste. 1700 Seattle, 98101.

According to a source that asked not to be identified this order was initiated because the City had declared a top floor apartment uninhabitable because of black mold a few months ago."

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