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Patrick Robinson
South Seattle College Aviation Instructor Patrick Prociv with the 1984 Lear Jet now available for the college as an instructional tool. It is kept at the college's Boeing field hangar.

SLIDESHOW: South Seattle College Aviation Maintenance program gets a Lear Jet

information from South Seattle College

South Seattle College announced that its Aviation Department has acquired a USAF C-21A Learjet. Of the five Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) schools in Washington state, South is the first to have a Learjet.

A hands-on training tool, the jet will be used for students to practice maintenance that includes inspections, general servicing and repairs. All of the student training performed on the Learjet will be done at South’s Boeing Field hangar. These studies are part of South’s eight-quarter Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) program, which includes 30 hours per week of aircraft training that will now include the Learjet. It won't fly again although it could.

The plane was acquired from the Department of Enterprise Services that accounts for government surplus items. Formerly a plane for the Michigan State Police, the Learjet became available in 2014. Through a competitive selection process, South was selected to acquire the aircraft because of the number of potential mechanics it will serve. Each quarter the AMT program enrolls an average of 175 students.

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