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Patrick Robinson
Utter destruction between two cars and a motorcycle at Fauntleroy Way and Alaska Street SW

Two car plus motorcycle accident sends two to hospital

An accident between two cars and a motorcycle sent to people the hospital on Monday evening after 6;15pm.

A mini Cooper driven by a young woman was headed northbound on Fauntleroy Way and went ahead on the greenlight.
She was struck by a car heading eastbound on Alaska as it ran the red light driven by an older woman, Who had a female passenger.

At The same moment a motorcycle driven by a young man with a young woman on board also added the scene bounced up and smashed into the windshield of one of the cars.

One person a female was severely injured and taken to Harborview medical center and the elderly driver was also shaken up and injured and taken to the hospital

The motorcycle riders were both shaken up but okay the female driver of the mini Cooper also shaken up but apparently okay

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