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Renting or buying? December may be a good time to look

By Lindsay Peyton

Realtor Don Bereiter says homeowners looking to sell at this time of year all have the same question on their minds.

“They want to know if it’s smarter to wait until the first of the year or not,” he said. “The downside of waiting is that so are a lot of other people. So your competition increases.”

In fact, there may be a few advantages for homeowners who decide to list now, Bereiter said.

“There may not be as many people looking, but of the ones coming to look in December, the percentage of people who are serious is higher,” he said. “The buyers are serious. The owners are serious. It just works.”

Bereiter, who is the branch manager at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, added that shoppers may have more time to look because of holiday vacations from work.

“And when you’re listing a home during the holidays, it’s usually decorated,” he said. “You’re kind of staging your house with those lights and decorations. It presents itself better.”

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