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Patrick Robinson
Fire Chief Harold Scoggins (at left) and Mayor Ed Murray spoke to the media about the need to recruit more firefighters for the city.

City of Seattle launches firefighter recruitment drive; 98 positions open

The City of Seattle needs new firefighters and launched a new recruitment drive at the Joint Training Facility on Myers Way SW on Tuesday June 30, Fire Chief Harold Scoggins and Mayor Ed Murray spoke to reporters about the need to bring in new young recruits to join a department in need of at least 90 new people at a rate of 60 per year.

Mayor Murray explained that "currently more than 80% of all fire/emergency responses are medical in nature, a trend that is expected to grow. Cardiac arrest patients treated by one of our firefighters are more than twice as likely to survive than anywhere else in the nation." He said that the department "must reflect the diversity of our city... We need to recruit more women, and this is a significant issue. We need to recruit more people of color, particularly African American firefighters, a number that has actually dropped in recent years. And I would hope we were also able to recruit gay and lesbian people who are out."

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