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Possible luring attempt in West Seattle; Black Ford pickup truck involved

Seattle Police are investigating what they think is a possible attempt to lure a 12 year old boy into a vehicle.

The incident took place on Monday, Nov. 17 in the 1600 block of 23rd Ave. SW.
The boy was walking to school in the 9am hour when police say a black Ford pickup truck pulled up and the driver spoke to the boy, who did not stop. The truck took off.

Lucklily, the boys' father happened to be nearby, driving just ahead of him, to monitor his walk. He saw the encounter.

He stopped and picked up his son to ask what happened. He said the boy reported the man has asked him to help with an errand.

According to the police the father then drove through the neighborhood until he caught up to the truck, and wrote down the license plate number. The father then dropped his child off at school and contacted police about the incident.

When officers went to the home where the they believed the truck’s driver was living, residents at the house said he had not been there in more than a month.

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