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Film stills provided by Omelet L.A.
A still from the film "License to Operate" that shows LTO Reynaldo "Whiz" Reaser arriving to a crime scene.

Why you should seek out the documentary “License to Operate”

The West Seattle Herald was invited to the May 28 SIFF premiere of the new documentary “License to Operate”, a film executive produced by Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carrol.

The film follows the lives of those involved with Los Angeles’s License to Operate (LTOs) and A Better L.A. programs, a group of community mediators made up of former gang members. Reaching out to the rival neighborhoods across L.A. the LTOs have managed to quell violence in the gang communities with their inside knowledge and ability to speak with those who the police cannot.

“To be here today to show a film that will talk about the work that we championed back in the day, I’m just so thrilled about it,” said Carrol during his introduction at SIFF. As explained in the film and during his intro Carrol helped found A Better L.A. after being taken on a ride-along of sorts with LTO founder Aquil Basheer to numerous street corners and through several neighborhoods steeped in gang violence.

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