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Pat's View: Bartman Remembered

By Pat Cashman

Once again for Mariner fans, the baseball playoffs have arrived---and Seattle is right in the thick of…watching it…on TV. So let’s bring up the name of a non-Northwesterner.

If you don’t remember the name Steve Bartman---then you’ve made Steve Bartman a very happy man. But Chicago Cub fans will never forget Bartman. Ever.

Even if Cubs should somehow make their way to the World Series in coming days, the pitiable wretch Bartman is no more likely to be forgiven than Hitler. After all, it was Bartman---not Hitler---who inadvertently deflected a foul ball in game 6 of the National League championship series in 2003---and immediately became a pariah in the windy city.

In a town where fun guys like Al Capone and John Dillinger used to hold sway---Steve Bartman may still be considered the more odious criminal by thousands of Cub fans.

This is the city where heads were knocked in---out in the streets during the 1968 democratic convention. It prompted Mayor Daley to famously say: “The police aren’t out there causing disorder. The police are out there to preserve disorder.”

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