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David Rosen
The Seattle Seafair Pirates made their annual takeover of the beach at Alki a new and refreshed event for 2015 with more vendors, bands and a sea battle to set a new tone for the popular event.

SLIDESHOW: Seafair Pirates storm the beach again; Cannon battle on the water was new

The Seattle Seafair Pirates managed to overcome the tide and a pitched cannon battle on the water to land on Alki Beach and launch the annual Seattle maritime festival for 2015 on Saturday June 27.

Thousands of people lined the shores of Alki Beach as the Pirates approached aboard the Global Salvage boat but the Baltic Sea, owned by Husky Deli proprietor Jack Miler was ready for them
Armed with three cannons, the two boats exchanged loud blasts (all in fun) as the simulated battle took place amid a sea of other boats there for the occasion.

The West Seattle Herald was a guest on Miller's boat which offered us a unique point of view of the event.

Multiple bands entertained the crowd and vendors provided food, drink and souvenirs for the people.

In the end the Pirates fled the scene on their trusty land craft the Moby Duck and Seafair was off and running.

The event was produced by Oliver Little and his company Monumental Undertaking.

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