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Constantine, McDermott call for adding West Seattle and Burien high-capacity service to Sound Transit long-range plan

Long-Range Plan will guide efforts to shape future regional transit ballot measures

information from King County

King County Executive and Sound Transit Board Chair Dow Constantine and King County Council and Sound Transit Board member Joe McDermott today moved to add future high-capacity transit service to West Seattle and Burien to the Long-Range Plan now being prepared for Sound Transit.

"The corridor between downtown Seattle, West Seattle, and Burien is one of the greatest opportunities for extending mass transit service," said Constantine. "This amendment is the first step towards funding the extension through a future public vote."

“Survey results back up what I am hearing from my constituents and my community—strong support exists for light rail expansion to West Seattle,” said McDermott, who represents West Seattle. “A downtown to West Seattle to Burien route will be well-used and leverage limited transit dollars in economic hubs.”

Sound Transit Board members today discussed the Long-Range Plan (LRP) at a workshop in preparation to update the plan in December. Proposed amendments will be discussed at the Board’s November and December meetings.

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