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35th SW will see some rechannelization and speed reductions before the end of the year under a road safety project proposed by SDOT.

Three lanes and 30 mph will mark the biggest changes coming to 35th SW

"I-35" is the name of a cocktail at The Westy, a tongue in cheek reference to 35th SW and the frequent high speed cars that travel along it. The road is slated to get what many feel are long overdue changes before the end of the year.

The Seattle Department of Transportation after a series of public meetings and a period of data collection has narrowed down the options for 35th SW to two primary choices, but in both, the roadway will change to 30mph and be reduced to three lanes. This "rechannelization" according to SDOT Project Manager Jim Curtin (an Arbor Heights resident) has proven to be very effective in reducing accidents and improving pedestrian safety, in other parts of the city. It would mean a reduction in travel time of about 1 minute from Roxbury Street SW to Avalon Way SW.

That three mile stretch of road sees 16,000 to 24,600 vehicles per day and has has had 294 collisions in the last three years, and five fatalities in the last 10 years.

The two options under consideration are:

Option A

 4 lanes to 3 lanes

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