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Kimberly Robinson
Say goodbye to 35mph on Fauntleroy Way SW as the Seattle Department of Transportation moves to lower speed limits around the city.

Ready to go slower? Lower speed limit on Fauntleroy Way SW starts Feb.6

Speedwatch trailer will be out to remind drivers of lower limit

information from SDOT

On Saturday, February 6, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will lower the speed limit on Fauntleroy Way SW as part of the city’s Vision Zero initiative to enhance transportation safety and save lives. Reducing the posted speed limit improves safety for everyone; especially people walking and biking.

The speed limit will be changed to 30 mph for a 1.25 mile stretch of Fauntleroy Way SW between SW Alaska Street and California Avenue SW. The speed limit currently increases to 35 mph in this segment despite the presence of parks and schools adjacent to the corridor. This change will create a consistent 30 mph speed limit for the entire Fauntleroy corridor.

Data show that the vast majority of drivers currently drive slower than existing 35 mph speed limit on this section of Fauntleroy so this should not be a significant change for people that drive this roadway often. However, the speed limit change will help reduce the likelihood and severity of collisions. This is especially true for vulnerable users like pedestrians since lower speeds significantly reduce the survivability of crashes.

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