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Gwen Davis
Small lot development was the topic for the Seattle City Council on April 18. Council member Mike O'Brian at the head of the table chaired the meeting. To the left is council member Tim Burgess. The other participants make up officials engaged in this issue.

Small lot development regulations up for consideration: heated feelings on both sides of the issue

By Gwen Davis

Small lot development: is it efficient at providing people with satisfactory housing, or does it degrade the beauty and enjoyment of the neighborhood?

That depends on who you ask.

Last Friday, April 18, the Seattle City Council held a planning and development meeting, where dozens of people gave testimony for being pro or con the ‘One Home Per Lot’ effort, which advocates for permanent restrictions on the construction of new, tall houses in small lots.

The committee heard passionate testimony about how squeezing tall buildings into small lots harmed views and spoiled the beauty of the area. Those in favor of the effort said they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford living in their current residence.

Susan Neaton, Seattle resident is against the effort because the regulations wouldn’t make the situation any better.

“The City of Seattle can't come up with good design standards for other zones,” she said. “What makes you think they could do a decent set of standards for this?”
However, others feel regulations are necessary.

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