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Duwamish Tribe
Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center on West Marginal Way was built to honor and preserve the tribes cultural history and serve as a meeting and event center. It was funded primarily through private donations. In a final decision from the Dept. of the Interior the tribe was denied federal recognition.

Duwamish Tribe denied federal recognition

The Associated Press has reported that the federal government has again rejected the Duwamish Tribe's petition for federal recognition as an Indian tribe.

The decision came late last week from the U.S. Department of Interior that denied the tribe official recognition, which would have entitled them to federal benefits such as housing, fishing rights and the possibility of operating a casino. The tribe of roughly 600 members has sought the recognition since 1977 and built a tribal longhouse and cultural center on West Marginal Way SW to house some of their artifacts though many, according to the tribe have been appropriated by other area tribes.

The tribe was recognized at the end of the Clinton administration—only to have that positive determination overturned by the incoming Bush administration. The tribe was granted a 6 month extension, to raise $100,000 to hire an expert witness to review 31,000 pages provided by the BIA.

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