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Michael Brunk
Angry Housewives - Janet McWilliams (Wendi), Heather Hawkins (Bev), Chelsea LeValley (Jetta), Ann Cornelius (Carol)

ArtsWest’s Angry Housewives is awesomely awkward

By Amanda Knox

ArtsWest is signing off their 2014-2015 season with a show that artistic director Mathew Wright admits is “ridiculous.” It’s thigh-jiggling, cornflake-tossing, spiky-haired fun.

It’s also much more than that. What ultimately strikes one about this story are the nerves. Larry the lawyer (Mark Tyler Miller) has got a lot of nerve to demand that his grape juice be “hand-squeezed.” Tim the teenager (Trent Moury) has got a lot of nerve to demand that his mom quit having fun lest she come across as cooler than he is. Punk-rock club owner Lewd Fingers (Brian Lange) has got a lot of nerve...well, clearly.

But the heart of the story is that the four heroines—Jetta (Chelsea LeValley), Carol (Ann Cornelius), Bev (Heather Hawkins), and Wendi (Janet McWilliams)—are unfulfilled females who have every reason to be on edge and find unexpected catharsis in letting loose with nerve and nervousness.

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