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Local pregnancy bowl casting company BelliVita is seeking the public's help to raise funds for her to head to Los Angeles and take part in the Golden Globes next January.

BelliVita pregnancy bowls are headed to Hollywood: But they need your help

After working at what may be the most singular craft you can imagine West Seattle's Laura Marie Peters is finally hitting the big time. Peter's business BelliVita, casts molds from the bellies of pregnant women then casts them as beautiful glass or porcelain recreations of that unforgettable time in a woman's life.

Now she's going to the Golden Globes next January in Los Angeles. Her work with more than one film star (who asked not to be identified) in tinseltown garnered the invitation.

The presence at the event however is not free. While only very few vendors are allowed they still have to pay to be part of it. Peters made the initial investment of $1000, which allows her to put gift certificates into the gift bags handed out to all the celebrities and media.

But to have a table in the Golden Globes Secret Room Gifting Suite will cost $5000.

Peters has started a GoFundMe project to help her raise the additional funds needed for this larger opportunity:

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