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Patrick Robinson
Under the terms of a lease signed by the people who control them, the Free Parking lots in the West Seattle Junction face development at up to 30 Percent at a time. A challenge over the bylaws and possibly the control over the land the lots occupy is coming up for a vote.

Showdown over the development of West Seattle free parking lots coming: Who will control them?

Control of the lots is being challenged as land prices escalate: May 4 meeting could be decisive

If you have visited other shopping districts around Seattle from Ballard, to Queen Anne, to the University District, to Capitol Hill, you understand that parking is a huge challenge. In fact, only two have free on-street parking, West Seattle and Roosevelt and only West Seattle has free lots for shoppers and has since 1954. That could be about to change.

The lots are located on 42nd SW behind the Junction, between Alaska and Oregon Street SW on the east side, to the west behind the Junction on 44th SW just south of Oregon Street SW and two others on 44th SW between Alaska and mid-block.

They are actually seven plots of land (some are contiguous) with an assessed value today of $5,578,200.

Push for changes could mean new development
Recently a new 10 year lease (with two five year extensions) was proposed on those lots. They are controlled by a consortium of area property owners, shareholders and merchants called West Seattle Trusteed Properties (W.S.T.P.) formed in 1954. The lease included a clause to allow the development of new parking.

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