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Gwen Davis
Shelby Hinton

West Seattle’s Shelby Hinton earns university diploma despite battling severe illness

By Gwen Davis

Think college is hard? The non-stop studying, demanding professors, student loans and crazy class schedules can make any undergrad question why they ever left home in the first place.

However, try saying that after you hear Shelby Hinton’s story. A West Seattle native and recent graduate of Western Washington University, Hinton went to college excited about working hard and receiving a degree, just like any other young person fresh out of high school would.

Additionally, Hinton was a first-generation student, meaning she was the first person in her family to attend college. Being first-generation can make the event of tackling college even more motivating and meaningful.

But Hinton’s experience was not like most others. During her sophomore year, Hinton got sick with the flu, which then seemed to turn into pneumonia. But after going to see the doctor, Hinton learned that what she actually had was a life-threatening liver disease.

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