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Patrick Robinson
An ambulance was waiting for workers at Fog Tite to free a man from a cement mixer in which he had become entangled, injuring at least his wrist. He was taken to the hospital.

Man injured in industrial accident at Fog Tite Meter Seal on West Marginal Way

A worker at Fog Tite Meter Seal, 4819 West Marginal Way SW was injured in an industrial accident at the plant shortly after 10:45 am. Fog Tite is concrete casting company making various parts for industrial uses.

According to an employee of the plant who asked not to be identified, the worker had only been on the job for a week. He was sent over to dump concrete into a mixer. "The machine runs really fast," the employee said, " and he was tamping down on the bag, and the bag got caught and took his arm."

The employee said they had to partially dismantle the mixer to free the injured worker.

As they took the injured man to the ambulance it was visible that he had injured his wrist but no other injuries were disclosed.

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