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Sound Transit 3 would provide mass transit services to areas like West Seattle, Burien and Ballard but would take an estimated 25 years to complete. Proponents say delaying will only make it take longer and cost more. Opponents say it's too costly and will take too long.

Transit ST3 goes up for a vote

Proponents say it's overdue, opponents say it's too expensive and will take too long

By Lindsay Peyton

West Seattle’s transit system would get a major makeover and have a much farther reach if voters pass the Sound Transit 3 Draft Plan, or ST3, this election.

The measure would add 58 miles of light rail, connecting urban centers from Everett to Tacoma and from Ballard and West Seattle to Redmond and Issaquah.

The vision, which also includes establishing rapid bus transit services, extending the Sounder South line and adding more bike lanes and pedestrian trails, was firmed up prior to going on the ballot in November.

“With our population growth and traffic congestion challenges, there’s overwhelming support out there for more transportation options,” Sound Transit spokesman Geoff Patrick said. “The scale of work is responsive to what we’ve heard from the public.”

He explained that the improvements would be made possible by three separate tax increases. Sales tax would go up by 0.5 percent, or 50 cents per $100.

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