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Between July 15 and August 7, law enforcement officers throughout King County will be part of a statewide effort in search of speeding drivers.

Driving faster than posted speed limits may not seem like a big deal, but more than 40 percent of fatal crashes in Washington involve a speeding driver.

That's why the King County Target Zero Task Force is coordinating extra speed patrols throughout local communities.

"Speeding is a major contributing factor in fatal and serious injury crashes in Washington, and therefore, is a priority of Target Zero," said Lowell Porter, Director of the Traffic Safety Commission. "Well publicized and highly visible speed enforcement is a proven combination that reduces fatal crashes. Obeying speed limits is something everyone can do to support highway safety in Washington."

In addition to being dangerous, speeding is expensive. The average speeding ticket in Washington is $156, but as your speed increases, so does the fine. In fact, a speeding ticket in Washington could easily cost more than $411.


King County Sheriff's Office press release:

Sheriff's deputies arrested three men last night (June 28) during their investigation of a burglary and theft which occurred after the homeowner had died.

Leonard Werner, age 69, had been dead about two weeks before his body was found by relatives checking on him on June 24th. He lived alone in the 12600 block of Des Moines Memorial Drive. The cause and manner of death is still pending.

Werner’s house was ransacked and many of his possessions stolen as he lay dead on the floor. His two cars were taken as well. Some of the stolen items were found by Sheriff's detectives on the day Werner’s body was discovered at the next door neighbor’s house.

More of Werner’s stolen property was recovered last night, as well as his two stolen cars. However some of the property may have already been sold on eBay.

Yesterday about 3:00 PM detectives located what they believed might be the stolen PT Cruiser under a tarp in the South Park neighborhood of Seattle. They obtained a search warrant for the house and recovered stolen property taken from Werner’s residence and made two arrests.

Arrests Made in Burglary of Dead Man’s Burien Home
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Ty Swenson

The deceased and then burglarized Burien man's home on the 12600 block of Des Moines Memorial Drive. Police have arrested three men in connection with the burglary and car-theft.

Burien man’s house burglarized as he lay dead on floor; cars stolen

Many of the items stolen from a Burien man's house while he lay dead on the floor have been recovered at his next-door neighbor's house, according to media reports. The man's two cars are still missing.
The man has been identified as Leonard A. Werner,69.

Here is a previous King County Sheriff's Office press release:

A man in his 70’s had his house burglarized and many of his possessions stolen after he died. In fact, as he lay dead on the floor. And the suspects stole his two cars as well.

The incident occurred at a house in the 12600 block of Des Moines Memorial Drive in Burien. The victim lived alone, and was last seen by family members about 2 weeks ago. When they didn’t hear from him, relatives came by about 12:45 PM Friday, June 24 and found him dead on the floor, covered by a blanket. The house was ransacked.

The cause of death was not immediately apparent. Detectives believe the items were stolen after the man died.

➢ In addition, the man’s two cars are missing. The help of the public is needed to find the vehicles.

#1. 2002 Dodge Ram Pick-up, blue, license B40611K (Washington)

#2. 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser, gold, license 515TPM (Washington)


On June 21, another hearing on the civil complaint against two Des Moines police officers involved in the shooting of Rosie, a Newfoundland dog, was set for Aug. 2 in Snohomish County Sueprior Court.
The judge is still considering a motion to dismiss the civil complaint.

Here's our previous coverage:

A date has finally been set for the civil complaint being brought against two Des Moines police officers by Chuck and Dierdre Wright.
Snohomish County District Court Judge Tam Bul will hear the case on June 21 at 10 a.m. in his courtroom in Everett.
On Nov. 7, Des Moines police officers shot and killed the Wright's Newfoundland dog, Rosie, when attempts to capture her failed. After the King County prosecutor reviewed the case and found no criminal culpability with the actions of the officers the Wrights filed a civil complaint against the officers involved in Rosie's shooting.

The civil complaints are filed against Sgt. Steve Wieland, who authorized the use of deadly force and Officer Michael Graddon, who shot and killed Rosie.

The civil complaint accuses the officer of animal cruelty and trapping an animal, both misdemeanors.

Women's Programs hosts series of events focusing on awareness and prevention

Press release:
Highline Community College Women's Programs is hosting a weeklong series of events as part of its 29th annual celebration to bring attention to the growing problem of domestic violence in South King County.

"In the last few years we have had an increase in domestic violence referrals," said Women's Programs Coordinator Jean Munro. "We have found the necessity to provide additional resources and programs that will assist individuals who have overcome domestic violence, those encountering this issue now and preventing new cases through education, training and the help of our community organizations such as Domestic Violence Women's Network and the YWCA."

"STOP: Sustain Together, Opportunity and Peace" will feature locally and nationally known speakers, film screenings and a raffle with proceeds benefiting the Women's Programs Emergency Scholarship foundation.

Event: STOP: Sustain Together, Opportunity and Peace
Dates: May 16-20, 2011
Time: Various times
Price: Free and open to the public
Location: Highline Community College's main campus


A 28-year-old man was arrested by Des Moines police following the stabbing of a pregnant woman and two others Sunday night.
Des Moines police said the man and three women were in an SUV by an apartment complex in the 23000 block of 30th Avenue South about 11 p.m., Sunday night.
The man apparently was meeting with the women about paying back money that was owed.
Police said the man stabbed a woman in her 50s and her daughter, who is in her 20s, inside the vehicle.
According to police reports, the man chased all three women out of the vehicle and he stabbed them again many times.
The third woman, a friend of the two other women, is pregnant, police reported.
The three women were taken to a hospital but their conditions have not been released.
Police hunted down the suspect near the intersection of South 240th Street and Pacific Highway South. He was caught about 2:30 a.m., Monday morning. Police booked him into jail for investigation of assault.


The incident in which Rosie, a Newfoundland dog, was killed by a Des Moines police officer in November began with a stray dog report.
In light of that, the following press release from Des Moines Animal Control Officer Jan Magnuson is especially relevant:

Beginning this week and throughout the summer, a Leash Law Emphasis will be conducted by DMPD (Des Moines Police Department), specifically targeting city parks and the marinas (the main marina and Redondo).

ALL of Des Moines is a leash law area-
· Per DMMC 19.08, the citation fine for a dog not being under proper leash control in a city park is $291
· Per DMMC 15.04, the citation fine for a dog not being under proper leash control in the marina is $513
· Per DMMC 8.04, the citation fine for a dog not being under proper leash control on other public property or trespassing on private property is $86


The civil complaint against Des Moines police officers, who shot a dog in November, is still searching for a court to hear it.
The civil complaint was filed by Chuck and Deirdre Wright, who are alleging Officer Michael Graddon and Sgt. Steve Weiland committed misdemeanors, including animal cruelty, when dealing with their dog, Rosie, who was loose. The complaint has been sent to three different courts, which say they cannot hear the case.
The complaint was originally filed in Des Moines Municipal Court. At the initial hearing in February, Des Moines Municipal Court Judge Veronica Alicea-Galvan recused herself and sent the case to be heard by the King County District Court.
Earlier this week, King County District Chief Presiding Judge Barbara Linde sent the case to Pierce County District Court, saying all of the members of the King County court bench were disqualified from hearing the case.
However on March 25, a Pierce County District Court official said they had no judges who could hear the case.


Burien residents and businesses interested in helping reduce the number of burglaries and other types of criminal activities in the community are invited to attend a free program, Burglaries & You, presented by the Burien Police Department.
Police department officials will provide updates and insight into recent burglary trends and crime prevention information. Participants will learn measures they can take to stop or reduce burglaries and prevent becoming a victim of other crimes:

Burglaries & You
April 12, 7-9 p.m.
Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center (Main Auditorium)
19010 1st Ave. S.
Topics will include:
* Burglary Trends in the Burien Area
* Crime Prevention Tips to Protect Residents
* What and When to Call Police
* Crime Maps Offered by City of Burien
* Cop Logic - Online Self-Reporting Tools
* Block & Business Watches
* Burien Alert Emergency Notification System
* Informational Material to Take Home
The program is open to anyone in the Burien, SeaTac and White Center communities.
FREE refreshments.


The King County Sheriff's Office has launched on-line reporting for a variety of crimes, suspicious circumstances, and traffic complaints for Burien, SeaTac and North Highline residents.

The service is available to citizens living in unincorporated King County, as well as the 12 communities that contract for police services from the Sheriff's Office. Burien and SeaTac are among the contracted cities. That's over 500,000 people.

However, citizens who still want "human contact" can do so by telephoning the Sheriff's Office Communications Center at 206-296-3311. A deputy will come to the door if preferred.

* All emergencies must still be reported to 9-1-1!

"This new reporting system was developed for the convenience of folks who may not want to call in or wait for a deputy", said Sheriff Sue Rahr. "It just gives citizens another option", she added. Due to budget cutbacks, wait times for deputies in unincorporated King County have increased for incidents that are not emergencies, Rahr said.

In addition, the new program allows crime victims to print a copy of their report, which can be sent to their insurance company, if needed.

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