9 a.m. – 9 p.m. Oct. 8, 7200 Block of Second Ave. N.W.

A woman told police she arrived home to find a door and a window wide open. She said the window had been closed but unlocked when she left for work.

The suspect, who is apparently rather picky, took unknown jewelry from a jewelry box in the main bedroom. The suspect then went downstairs and laid out all of the victim's X-Box games without taking any. Finally, the discerning burglar went through the victim's DVD collection, selecting 40 of them.

In addition, the suspect took two old passports and two social security cards.

The victim told police she talked to her neighbors about the burglary, and an approximately 20-year-old man who recently begin renting nearby acted suspiciously.

The victim said he became nervous, turned off a light and closed the blinds when she told him police would be investigating the burglary.

11:57 p.m. Oct. 9, 9200 Block of Phinney Ave. N.

At 11 p.m. one female roommate returned to the rental property. She was met in the street by an unknown man, who asked her if she needed an escort to the front door. She declined.

Police Blotter: Burgled by a discerning thief

Shortly after midnight on Oct. 5, police responded to a call of shots fired at a car near Northwest 77th Street and 24th Avenue Northwest. The rear window of the car was shattered, there was a bullet hole in the driver's side headrest, and damage to the rear bumper apparently caused when two bullets struck the car.

The driver of the car, a 19-year-old male, was struck in the shoulder, though the bullet did not penetrate and only left a bruise. A 19-year-old female was also in the car.

According to the victims, they were driving around the neighborhood when they were confronted by two males in a gray Mazda. During the confrontation, the suspects got out of their vehicle and pointed a handgun at the victim's car. The victims escaped by driving down side streets.

Later, the suspects caught up with the victims and began ramming their car, according to their report. They were able to drive off but only after three shots were fired at their vehicle.

Officers could not find any damage to the front of the victim's car to indicate the ramming, and neither of the victims could tell officers were the ramming occurred.

Shots fired at vehicle in Ballard, drugs found

3:21 a.m. – 4:17 a.m. Sept. 25, 3600 Block of Phinney Ave. N.

After reports of an assault, police arrived on the scene to find the victim crouched on the ground holding his head, on which there was a large, red bump.

According to a witness, who had been in his room across the street, he heard a commotion outside his window and looked out. He saw a group of men and another man on the ground and called the police. The suspects fled and possibly got into a taxi.

The victim told police he noticed a group of men walking behind him. When he turned around to see what they wanted, one of the men, without saying anything, punched him in the face. The victim fell to the ground and the men grabbed his wallet and removed $270 of cash.

According to the victim, his attacker was "dressed like a pimp" with a black jacket, black jeans, a Kangol-style hat and tinted glasses. There was a woman with the man wearing a white T-shirt and tight blue jeans and who had a "large rear end," according to the victim.

Police determined the suspect caught a cab from the area and was dropped off near North 46th Street and Aurora Avenue North, possibly entering a motel.

Police Blotter: Beware a Kangol hat and large rear end

On an unseasonably warm and sunny afternoon, Mayor Mike McGinn got an up-close and personal view of Crown Hill's problems and successes during a Sept. 25 walking tour of the neighborhood lead by a group of business and neighborhood representatives.

The tour started with introductions at the Crown Hill Center, located on Northwest 95th Street and 13th Avenue Northwest.

"I know a little bit about this neighborhood, living so close by," McGinn told members of the Crown Hill Neighborhood Association and the Crown Hill Business Association. "But, I'm looking forward to learning a lot more today."

One of the major stops early on the tour was the Holman Road pedestrian overpass for a view of the busy street below.

Mayor gets view of Crown Hill's problems, successes on walking tour
Photo credit: 
Michael Harthorne

Mayor Mike McGinn discusses activation of Baker Park with neighborhood representatives during a stop on his Sept. 25 walking tour of Crown Hill. CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE PHOTOS.

A woman was sexually assaulted at approximately 9 p.m. Sept. 22 while walking alone on the 1100 block of Northwest 57th Street, according to the Seattle Police Department.

The victim said she is scared the suspect will assault another woman if he is not caught, and she wants to share her story with people to remind them to be aware.

"I'm usually a really careful and watchful person," the victim said in an email. "If this could happen while I am stone sober at nine at night in a relatively safe area, it could happen to anyone."

While she was walking, a man ran up behind her and put a hand over her mouth and one on her chest and dragged her into a nearby yard, the victim said.

"I screamed several times, but he was covering my mouth and told me if I screamed again, he would 'pull something out of his pocket,'" she said.

The suspect asked her for cash and made her shake out her purse, but the victim said he did not seem genuinely interested in robbing her as he didn't take her iPhone or checkbook or even look in her wallet.

Police Blotter: Woman sexually assaulted in east Ballard

2:09 a.m. Sept. 17, 7500 Block of 15th Ave. N.W.

"Stacy," a dancer at a club on 15th Avenue Northwest, told police she had just finished a [redacted] for the suspect in the club's VIP room when he pushed her, causing her to fall back onto the padded booth seat.

The suspect grabber her purse off the table and removed $600 in cash before running outside.

The suspect got into a black Isuzu Trooper and drove eastbound on Northwest 77th Street.

Stacy had never seen the supsect before, no useful fingerprints were turned up, and a police search of the area was negative.

1 a.m. Sept. 14, 900 Block of North 85th St.

"Ted," a store employee, said he was in front of the counter at a display case when the supsect walked into the store with his right hand under his jacket, implying he had a gun.

The suspect led Ted behind the counter, pointed to the safe and told him to open it. When Ted said he could not, the suspect turned his attention to the cash registers.

Ted opened one register, and the suspect removed the bills before demanding cigarettes. Ted gave him a package, and the supect left, heading east toward Aurora Avenue North.

Police Blotter: Stealing from a stripper

9:34 p.m. Sept. 6 – 9:34 p.m. Sept. 7, 6700 Block of 24th Ave. N.W.

Police met "Anthony" waiting outside his apartment. He told them he had arrived home to find someone had forced entry into his apartment.

According to Anthony, who did not stay at his apartment the previous night, he could not get his key to work in either the doorknob or the deadbolt in the front door. He used a ladder on the side of the apartment complex to crawl through a living room window.

He did not find anyone inside his apartment but noticed $500 missing from an envelope on the couch. The $500 was being kept as the final payment for his truck, which he had just sold. According to Anthony, no one knew the cash was sitting on the couch.

He believes someone forced entry through the front door to his apartment because he was unable to get his key to work in the locks. Police inspected the area and did not locate any signs of forced entry.

Anthony told police he had trouble getting his keys to work before the incident as well. There were also several items of electronics and tools in the living room near the cash that were not taken.


9:30 p.m. Aug. 31 – 6 a.m. Sept. 1, 9000 Block of 24th Ave. N.W.

A custodian at North Lake Elementary told police unknown suspect(s) were on the school grounds after normal operating hours. The suspect(s) cut three locks on the grounds.

Two locks were securing a storage portable on the east side of the school. The portable holds gym equipment and nothing was missing.

The third lock secured a shed attached to a classroom portable on the north side of the school. The shed housed the electrical panel for the classroom and had had nothing to steal.

The custodian told police that nothing was stolen, but the locks were unusable and had to be replaced.

Noon Sept. 1, 100 Block of N.W. 85th St.

A man approached the victim, who had just withdrawn cash from an ATM and was pushing his young daughter in a stroller, and said, "Give me all your money, and I won't hurt you."

The victim gave the man $540, and the man left. The victim and his daughter were unharmed.

9:30 a.m. Sept. 2 – 2:55 p.m. Sept. 2, 4200 Block of Greenwood Ave. N.


At approximately 8:58 a.m. Sept. 6, a man called 911 to report that his wife came across a dead body near Carkeek Park.

The woman was walking along a remote beach area near the train tracks approximately one mile north of Carkeek Park.

The body is that of a male in his 40s.

Officers and Burlington Northern staff are investigating.


2:52 a.m. Aug. 29, 1100 Block of N. 90th St.

A Seattle Police officer arrived at Northwest Hospital at 5:12 a.m. to find "Owen" in the emergency room with several abrasions to his forehead, bruising on his left cheek and a sore head.

Owen told the officer he had been at a house party in Greenwood earlier that morning. During the party, approximately 10 men were asked to leave but were unwilling to do so.

After the 10 or so men left the house, Owen heard guns shots outside. He attempted to get the guests inside the house to avoid stray bullets.

While Owen was standing in the yard, one of the men, known to Owen by a "street name," approached him, starting a verbal altercation that ended with Owen being punched in the face.

The man continued to punch Owen in the body. After being hit in the head with a beer bottle, Owen fell to the ground where he was kicked and punched by several of the men.

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