Burien residents will be breaking out their comfortable shoes the first Sunday of each month for a "Walk 'n Talk" from Town Square around Lake Burien.

The plan is to enjoy conversation and a walk through town. Grabbing a local coffee or snack before or after the stroll is encouraged.

The inaugural walk is Sunday, Aug. 7.

Walkers of every level and ability are invited to gather at Burien Town Square Park, S.W. 152nd St. and 5th Place S.W. at 2 p.m. The walkers will set out at 2:15 p.m.

The 2.25-mile loop from Town Square will go west along S.W. 152nd St. and turn south onto 21st Avenue S.W. The walkers will head east on S.W 156th St., 16th Avenue S.W. and S.W. 158th Street. They will then zig-zag north on 12th Avenue S.W., S.W. 156th St.,11th Avenue S.W., S.W. 154th St. and 10th Avenue S.W. until they are back on S.W. 152nd. St. The final leg is east on 152nd back to Town Square.

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by Sara N. Reardon

When it comes to weight loss, it seems that no one is an island, especially children. At the West Seattle YMCA, a program called Actively Changing Together! (ACT!), formerly known as Strong Kids/Strong Teens, is teaching families with overweight children and parents about healthy lifestyles by encouraging them to work together toward their weight-loss goals.

“We’re about helping parents and kids have better communication, creating an environment where fun experiences happen in healthy lifestyles,” said YMCA disease prevention director Lindsey Gregerson, who heads the program. During the 12-week course, families run relay races and obstacle courses together and discuss their food choices with a nutritionist. At the end of the class, the families cook a light meal to share. The goal, says Gregerson, is to “keep everything fun.”


Sunset Hill resident Adam Davis won the first-ever Ballard Fitness Fest, hosted by EDGE Personal Training, by losing 11.9 percent of his body fat, essentially cutting in in half.

EDGE owner Erik Hroncich created the Ballard Fitness Fest as a way to give back to the community. For a $10 entry fee, Ballard residents and workers had a shot at $650 worth of prizes. Winners were determined by who lost the most body fat, inches and weight during a three-month period.

Davis lost 29.5 pounds of body fat and 18 pounds total, meaning he gained 11.5 pounds of muscle.

Davis said he has struggled with losing weight for his entire life because he had a hard time staying motivated for dieting or exercise.

"The Fitness Fest just seemed doable," Davis said. "Even if I didn't win, I would have proved something to myself."

Except for near-daily beer consumption, Davis followed a strict diet of lots of fruits and vegetables while cutting out all pasta, bread and processed foods.

Photo credit: 
Michael Harthorne

Ballard Fitness Fest winner Adam Davis lost 18 pounds, including nearly half his body fat.

West Seattle Junction Health Fair, Sunday, June 13

On Sunday June 13, 20 health and wellness providers located in the West Seattle Junction neighborhood are participating in the first annual Junction Health Fair as a way to educate West Seattleites on the wide range of health services in multiple disciplines available to them without having to cross the bridge. In addition to the array of physicians, dentists, massage therapists, fitness and yoga studios, pharmacies and vitamin stores, there will be healthful and interesting activities for the whole family to enjoy.

The event will run from 10 AM to 2PM in the Wells Fargo Bank parking lot, 4314 SW Alaska Street.

Some of what you can do there: Give blood at the blood drive and save 3 lives – Meet Junction fire fighters and police officers – Brush up on disaster preparedness with experts - Enjoy the West Seattle Farmers Market demonstrating healthy cooking with fresh, local produce – Enter a free raffle for healthy prizes including yoga, massage and skin care . The blood drive is sponsored by the Puget Sound Blood Center.


By Cornel Chin

Celebrity fitness trainer Cornel Chin has trained a number of Hollywood stars, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Audrey Tautou, and Colin Firth. These are his suggestions for getting a Hollywood-quality workout without leaving the parks and beaches of Ballard.

Golden Gardens

If you’re fortunate enough to live near Golden Gardens, it is a great place to go to relax but also a great place to do your workout. There are countless activities you can do at the beach that will provide you with health benefits, though they won't seem like exercise at all.

Enjoy the sounds of the ocean waves breaking, take in the fresh sea breeze and feel the sand massage your feet as you get into these exercises that are suitable for your next visit to the beach. The sand and surf offers plenty of options for a great workout. Try out these ideas the next time you hit the beach.

Most of these exercise do not require any equipment, or can be modified to increase resistance using buckets or jugs, and filling them up with sand to make some dumbbells.

Take a dip.

Photo credit: 
Michael Harthorne

Celebrity fitness trainer Cornel Chin gives advice on how to turn Ballard Commons and other neighborhood parks into fitness centers for star-quality workouts.

Learn to Think Well

Free workshop focusing on shifting thought patterns to fully actualize optimum health and happiness. Your thought patterns affect your body’s biochemistry – both positively and negatively. Dr. Derek Strachan is committed to helping you reach your health goals.

RSVP and we will send an exercise to you via email to complete and bring with you. Call or email our office at 206.783.6000 or


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Nearly 50 people had signed up by the first day of EDGE Personal Training's Ballard Fitness Fest. But, according to one Ballard woman, the rest of the contestants should probably quit now.

"You might as well tell everyone coming in that I'm going to win," Cindi Worthington told EDGE owner Erik Hroncich during her Feb. 22 fitness assessment, "Oh, I'm competitive."

Ballard Fitness Fest is a three-month contest devised by Hroncich. It is open to anyone who lives or works in Ballard or the surrounding neighborhoods. The winner, loser of the most body fat, inches and weight, will be determined in May.

"I'm used to being 300 pounds," Worthington told Hroncich. "But, I also used to be 190."

Worthington had been participating in roller derby fitness classes and was preparing for tryouts for a team when she pulled her quadriceps. The injury was partially responsible for her gaining 40 pounds recently, she said.

She said her goal is to be at least 30 pounds lighter and have clothes that fit in three months.

"I'm tired of wearing black spandex all the time when I have a closet full of beautiful clothes," she said.

DSC_0647 A.JPG
Photo credit: 
Michael Harthorne

Erik Hroncich, owner of EDGE Personal Training, measures Cindi Worthington for her first fitness assessment of the Ballard Fitness Fest.

At only 23-years-old, while many recent college graduates are taking jobs they hate or struggling to find work, Danielle Harvey opened her own businesses because, really, how hard could it be?

Harvey, an action sports enthusiast who grew up in Spokane, graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Comparitive History of Ideas (“How much more humanities can you get?”) and was having little luck finding work.

“I couldn’t even get a job I didn’t want,” she said.

In 2009, before a brief stint in California to pursue her love of surfing, Harvey became a certified yoga instructor – something that had always been on her list of things to do.

Back from California, she started teaching at the SeaTac YMCA and subbing at the Ballard Health Club.

A profession in yoga is meant to be a long, slow-growing process, and Harvey was just starting it. Less than a year later, Harvey is the owner Backside Bow on Ballard Avenue.

While teaching at the YMCA and Ballard Health Club, Harvey said her students would often ask her where else she taught and if she had a business card. “How hard could it be to make a business card,” she thought.

Photo credit: 
Michael Harthorne

Danielle Harvey in her new Ballard Avenue yoga studio, Backside Bow. CLICK IMAGE TO SEE HARVEY IN ACTION.

Urban Retreat: Love vs. Attachment


Through learning to distinguish between love and attachment, we can unlock our potential for a loving heart that is both powerful and fearless. Kadampa Meditation Center Introductory Urban Retreats provide an opportunity to take a break from the hectic pace of life.

Each Urban Retreat consists of guided meditations, teachings and discussion. The program includes time for walks in the surrounding neighborhood, enjoying tea or a latte in the World Peace Cafe, or just being still and introspective.  read more »


Kadampa Meditation Center Washington
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It's not often people will fight to be a loser, but that is about to change. EDGE Personal Training in Ballard is launching a contest to give locals a chance to lose big while winning big.

EDGE's Ballard Fitness Fest, a three-month contest to see how much weight and inches contestants can lose, starts Feb. 22.

It costs $10 to enter, and there are more than $650 dollars worth of prizes.

Anyone living or working in Ballard, or surrounding communities, is eligible. To enter, call EDGE Personal Training between Feb. 22 and March 5 for a fitness assessment.

Contest participants spend the next three months working off the extra weight, either on their own or with an EDGE personal trainer.

The final re-testing will be done May 17 to May 27. The winner will be determined by who lost the most body fat, inches and weight.

The winner will be announced the first week of June.

Judges will give the winner, or loser in this case, a $250 gift certificate to the Ballard business of their choice. The winner also receives three free training sessions with an EDGE personal trainer ($225 value).

Photo credit: 
Courtesy of EDGE
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